Finally Kalabuto

Ahead in the distance lies Kalabuto. Surrounded by pineapple fields on three sides and the River of Lost Tears on the fourth, the party stops to take in the sight. Kalabuto is obviously an old town built upon even older structures all succumbing to the jungle surrounding the area. There is an active dock area with warehouses and a brisk river trade.

The groups enters the town looking for The Shrunken Head Tavern and their contact for the Princes Of The Shackles, a dwarf named Cheiton. A small drow child attempts to sell items or information to Joffa, who sympathetic to the plight of repressed indigenous people, showers her with gold and many questions. What little information she has, she shares with him.

Once the tavern is found, Pol enters to arrange rooms from the innkeeper while, Joffa, Dadak and Kreshton enter the barroom. The bartender instantly becomes hostile as Joffa begins to climb into the rafters and skulk about above his patron’s heads. The bartender is so irate, that he spurns Kreshton’s good-natured greetings and his call for a round of drinks. Bar patrons become angry as well.

Simultaneously spying a lone dwarf drinking at a table, Kreshton and Joffa greet him with an incorrect name. The dwarf disavows knowing them and joins the bar patrons in warning them to leave. With a wink to the dwarf, Kreshton leaves the bar, followed by Joffa and Dadak. The barkeeper locks the door behind them and they can hear the laughter of the bar patrons through the thin wood. Kreshton and Dadak wander off towards the docks and the smell of vendors selling Rat-on-a-Stick. Joffa finds a taller building and climbs it to hide in its roof and have a good view of the area.

Chydak, even more of an outsider to Kalabuto than the rest of the group, skulks about the outside of the inn. He realizes a Goblin like him sticks out and he downs one of his concoctions which changes his features into that of the other beggar children in the streets. He briefly follows the female drow child about town.

Pol enters the tavern with Nkechi. Although the patrons give them a sour look, they are left alone and make their way to Cheiton. He quietly acknowledges that he is their contact and invites them to his abode. A while later, Kreshton and Dadak join them. Joffa continues to hide even when called down from the rooftops to join the discussion with Cheiton. Cheiton gives the group advice in what the road ahead may bring them and agrees to sell some items the group had found between Eleder and Kalabuto. Night falls and the group makes themselves comfortable in Cheiton’s abode.

Finally Kalabuto

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