A Demon In Shadow

Sul, the 8th of Aryth

While scouting a path to and up the river falls ahead, Pol, Dadak, and Kreshton come across a gruesome field. Several dismembered and torn apart bodies lay in the graas and between the rocks as if savaged by a wild beast. Promptly, the wild beast charges into the clearing, a wild dire ape. Mustering all their combined strength, the three are able to overcome the beast. Moments later, a dark shadow rises from the corpse and summons two shadowy crocodiles to attack Pol and Kreshton while it deals with Dadak. Pol wants, nay, needs to kill this demon but cannot escape the crocodiles until Kreshton steps back and casts a spell to make Pol vanish into invisibility. Dadak finds himself outmatched until Pol joins him to attack the demon from behind but not before he succumbs to a spell that saps his strength.

Moments later, the shadow demon seems to change its mind and teleports away. It returns quickly with a spell of darkness which is dispelled by Kreshton’s daylight pellet. The trio trades blows with the demon until Pol finally smashes it with a mighty double-handed blow from his mind-blade.

They return to camp after examining the falls and the river ahead. They decide to leave the canoes behind to make a faster pace in the days ahead.

A Demon In Shadow

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