Serpent's Skull in Eberron

The First Leg

Zol, the 21st of Rhaan

It is good to finally have confided in my mates. Through the trials we faced on the Island, they have shown themselves to be helpful and to some extent at least, steadfast and loyal. Even Jaffa in his own chaotic way is beneficial. I just hope that he does not harbor some ulterior motives which puts he and I in conflict. For while he is cunning and able, I will not hesitate to dispatch him should he actually be an agent of evil. But for now I will trust him and have faith that The Light will guide me in my path.

The first leg of our journey is now behind us as we have reached the town/city of Eleder. Though it is walled, it still has the feeling of a town to me after my years in Ader. Besides, in this frontier the only way a town survives long is to wall it.

I am anxious to start our second leg, the overland route to find the City Taizon, rumored to be the magical entrance to Savnth-Yhi. Still, I know that we all need to get out land-legs back after being on a boat as much as we have (the rescue from Smuggler’s Shiv and more recently the ferrying from Stormreach hear.) We should also be gathering our equipment here for the journey and that will likely take at least a couple of days. So I will be patient and make sure the foundation is set before we venture off. It is said that Xen’Drik is not kind to the ill prepared.

I just hope we do not idle too long here, it seems only a matter of time before someone in this group does something to find trouble. This town seems to be a magnet for such and some in my company are the iron it attracts. If I had any inclination to such things, I could likely make some money coming up with odds of who will land in the stocks first. If Gelik were here he would be my choice, but I really doubt that coward would have stowed away to be part of this. So that leaves Kreshton as my likely prime choice for needing bail.

Time to go see if I can find a magistrate and see if I can head any unfortunate situations off at the pass.


gdapkus BraulioB

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