Serpent's Skull in Eberron


Zol, the 17th day of Rhaan

What an adventure we have had on the Shiv. I am grateful to finally be off that island and even more glad to be back in contact with my friend and steward, Gilahd. While I am concerned over what has occurred in Adar that would cause Gilahd to be replaced by Jolantru and then Gilahd to once again reach out to me saying the Motherhouse has been compromised, I am at least able to keep my mind occupied with progressing at my original task. It is good to be working toward something meaningful again. While I was able to work some small good on the Island, it pales in comparison to rooting out the Inspired and furthering the good of il-Yannah.

It will be interesting to see if we can take a known evil like that of the Free Captains of the Shackles and use them for good. Since they will be the sponsors of this quest to find the mythical city of Savnh-Yhi, wouldnt it be fitting if they helped us to find the Ancient, Idarthius?

What a shock to finally have the pieces fit, the name we found in the serpent’s temple,Ydersius; it sounded so familiar. In a flash it came back to me; Idarthius, the lost one, the one who remained behind. A powerful Quori who was said to have remained on Eberron when all others were banished. That name is too close to Ydersius to be coincidence.

The stories said he bound himself to the body of a giant serpent. When the Quori found new ways to reach Eberron, no sign of him was found, and he was thought lost, likely destroyed by the giants. Is it possible that he became the god of serpent folk which have been hidden in Savnh- Yhi? It is for these quests and knowledge that I yearn…that I am driven.


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