Serpent's Skull in Eberron

Leaving Eleder

Race To Ruin

Sul, the 8th day of Sypheros

I would really hate to be part of her crew when Captain Lewin becomes vexed at them for not following her orders. She came down on all of us for not laying low in Eleder like instructed and for becoming visible to the Eleder authorities. I was more feared for my life from her tongue lashing than I was when that typhoon hit Smuggler’s Shiv and we were forced to find shelter in a damp cave. I am also impressed with her wide range of colorful language to let us know exactly what she felt about each of us. I’ve never been called a salty, pox-faced kraken before! Joffa was smart to disappear for the last week and avoid her distain.

She told us to get out of town and lay low; today! And she even would charter a small skiff and lend two of her sailors to man it. She told us to find a man, a hermit, known as Nkevich and plead his aid as a guide into the jungles of Xen’Drik. Her instructions to find him were a bit vague, and she left us to arrange the lending of a skiff while we packed up our belongings.

Pol and I were not satisfied with the meager information on this Nkevich person she gave us. We agreed to go in different directions to see what we could dig up on him. After visiting a few inns and buying drinks to loosen the tongues of various townspeople for information, I was directed to The Blistered Clam where I would find out more about this man, Nkevich. I saw Pol arrive just ahead of me and we joined together to gather the news we wanted. It wasn’t too hard, what with my charm and Pol’s steady demeanor, to find the right people to talk to.

Rather quickly, we had the infromation we wanted and prepared to leave when Pol spied three Eleder guardsmen in plain clothes taking a keen interest in our affairs. How laughable their attempts to be unnoticed were; they were obviously eavesdropping. Before I knew it, Pol confronted them and it seemed like it would come to blows when they crudely mocked Pol’s integrity. Seems like Pol had told them that Joffa would go to see them about the incident in Stormreach concerning the death of Gelik, but Joffa had not yet done so. The crowd started to become ugly as I stepped up to Pol’s side, ready to second him. Somehow, he smoothed their attitudes and we left the bar. I must admit to myself, confronting the Eleder authorities like I was ready to do would not have been wise; Pol has remarked on my lack of thinking things through before acting, I’m glad his wiser head prevailed.

Unfortunately, once Pol and I returned to the warehouse, Captain Lewin arrived shortly after. We endured a second round of choice insults; some that I must remember for future use! Her disdain was as impressive as her colorful language gained from years at sea. We were ordered to get our lily-livered asses down to the docks and not to return without the promise of Nkevich’s aid. In fact, we were instructed to find somewhere out of town to hole up in. She marched us down to the docks, supervised our boarding the skiff she acquired, and left with a few last words mumbled under her breath.

We headed out of Eleder Harbor and moved along the coastline north. I am sure that the barmaid that I had been tumbling for the last week will find another to warm her bed, for now, I’ve got the future and adventure to dance with.

—From the log of Kreshton Rel’Astra


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