Serpent's Skull in Eberron

Joffa can haz journal 51

Sul, the 1st day of Sypheros
A boat arrived today from Stormreach carrying rumours and official notices. Scuttlebutt from the crew suggested that a gnomish Wayfinder had been killed there recently. Those sailors delivered a parcel to the constable’s office, contents unknown. Within a matter of hours, constables began searching the town for me. I happened to be in the warehouse with the others when they arrived at our door. Pol answered it. The constables asked for myself and Dadak. Pol ran interference for us, but ultimately volunteered to submit himself to questioning. This situation is getting away from me in a hurry. Pol left with them and I find myself in a bind.

When the constables took Pol, the area cleared around the warehouse cleared of prying eyes. I scaled the rooftops and city wall to follow the constables and Pol. They held him at their office for quite a while. I waited patiently. With the necessary provocation, I was ready to go in blasting. Fortunately, it didn’t come to that. Pol eventually emerged from the office alone and began walking back to the warehouse. When he was safely out of view from the constable’s office, I climbed off the roof, drew my cloak close, and approached him. I called out softly in the dark and he looked surprised to hear from me. I didn’t really ask what happened to him in there, but I did give him the opportunity to ask me any questions he might have. He wisely declined to ask any, but did impress upon me his desire that I one day soon turn myself in for questioning. I agree to do this upon our return from our most vital mission. Hopefully by then, the moles and double-agents in the employ of the Black Panthers will be able to make all of this go away.


gdapkus BraulioB

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