Serpent's Skull in Eberron

Joffa can haz journal 48

*Sar, the 21st of Rhaan thru Zol, the 24th of Rhaan *
We meet Aerys at the docks as requested and she introduces us to her friend, Captain Kasata. A lithe human female, the Captain looks like she means business. I inspect her thoroughly, noting that she abstains from wearing armour, but that she is equipped with a magic sword. We make our polite introductions and she welcomes us aboard. We set sail for Eleder shortly after.

On the ship, Captain Kasata is slow to socialize with us, but I remain certain that I can get her to open up. Normally, I’d spend all my time in the rigging, high above the commotion of the main deck, but I did make it a point to descend from time to time and speak with the Captain. I’m not sure that I managed to make a good impression. She was always pleasant with me, but that could just as easily be chalked up to politeness. Only time will tell.

Kreshton, who fancies himself a sailor amongst other things, is once again happy as a pig in poop. He mesmerizes the men with his oral skills and his new found love for rather boisterous and flamboyant dance. I avoid him and his hi-jinx whenever possible.


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