Serpent's Skull in Eberron

Joffa can haz journal 47

Far, the 20th day of Rhaan
Gelik’s End
The time has come for Gelik to die. Agent Kumon delivered the black card I was waiting for. Further, Aerys notified us that we would be leaving for Eleder tomorrow morning. The timing is right. I scamper up onto the rooftops in the fading light and lie in wait.

While I wait for my victim, I recollect all the events that led to this moment…

Gelik’s constant subversive behaviour – always eager to undermine me as I led us in our quest to leave that blasted island.

His demoralising demeanour that ranged from a constant stream of vitriol to the outright impugning of the maiden Aerys.

His innate cowardice that placed all of us at risk at one time or another.

His imprisonment of several of us, myself included, in a hellish pit filled with evil creatures.

His refusal to contribute to the greater good, burdening everyone else with providing for his general welfare.

His poorly conceived attempt at thievery; trying to mislead me into giving him a precious artifact.

And let’s not overlook the infraction most egregious to my personhood: his attempt to hack me to pieces.

He is a man without scruples and never found it appropriate to make a self-generated heartfelt attempt at reconciliation for any of his wrong doings.

What’s worse, he continued his behaviour even after our safe return to Stormreach, somehow cowing Pol and Kreshton into making him the sole decoder of our serpent temple hieroglyphs. This terribly unwise decision has led us to our current predicament; the dissemination of important information amongst several well-armed and unfriendly groups in the race to Saventh-Yhi.

Now however, the time to fulfill my promise to end Gelik is at hand. While we were on the island, Gelik had compelled Pol to act as his personal bodyguard and create a de facto lawlessness on the island. With Pol at his whips end, Gelik made himself a new class of citizen, one that was above any punishment for his offences. Unwilling to murder Pol just to kill Gelik, I tabled the issue but promised him that I would one day make him pay. Remuneration is at hand.

Dusk has fallen and the doomed scribe will be leaving the Wayfinder’s Guild any moment. Within minutes, he emerges alone, friend to no one and an easier target because of it. He begins the ¾ mile jaunt to his house. Winding through darkening streets and alleys, I stalk him from above. About a half-mile from the Wayfinder’s Guild, he will enter a section of town predominated by bars for working stiffs and streets commonly populated only by ambling drunks. It’s the perfect place. As he turns onto the tavern lined road, I take my position. When the range is closed to within 30 feet, I take my first shot on the unsuspecting gnome. It’s a beautiful shot, center mass, and he appears staggered, stunned and surprised. His lungs perforated, he is unable to push air over his vocal chords to make a sound. My second shot finishes him off. Though unable to speak his mind, I have to believe that he knew it was me. The loud thunderclap of my mortalbane Eldritch blasts would be an easily recognizable clue to him.

The people below scream and scatter, many too drunk to take more than a few steps in any direction before they stumble onto the ground. They can’t likely see me in the darkness, but they seem aware that I’m in the area. I have overstayed my welcome and so slink further into the shadows to enable my retreat.

On my way to the safe house, I go over the operation in my mind. My technique was flawless. With two shots fired within seconds of each other, he was dead before he hit the floor. It was a good, clean kill and he didn’t suffer needlessly. Plus, with his head spared any damage, he’ll be able to have an open casket, should anyone attend his memorial. I have fulfilled my pledge to him that I would one day kill him and so, I am contented.

Black card


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