Serpent's Skull in Eberron

Joffa can haz journal 46

Wir, the 18th day of Rhaan
the Free Captains of the Shackles
We meet with Aerys and negotiate our agreement to lead her pirate faction to Saventh-Yhi. I opt for the 500 gold payment in lieu of the squad of buccaneer scrubs. That money, combined with some of Pol’s gold and a donation from my own coin bag, goes to purchase two Everlasting Rations; one for Pol and one for Kreshton.

Aerys tells us that we will be heading to Eleder. She asks us to meet her at the docks in three days time.

the Emerald Claw
I visit with Sasha and tell her that I was unable to convince the others into joining the Emerald Claw. She is visibly upset by this news. I’m able to partially smooth things over by convincing her that I am really on her side. I spend the rest of the afternoon with her, relaxing in the abbeys’ cloister, eating lunch and drinking tea. When dusk approaches, I part ways with her to tend another castaway.

the Wayfinders Guild
The problem with working a regular job is that your schedule is easy to track. Killing nobles and other men of leisure is far more difficult because their routines are not as predictable. Alas, poor Gelik always leaves the Wayfinders guild at the same time every night. I haven’t received my black card yet, but it’s a mere formality. I’ll stalk him on his way home for the next few nights, establish his patterns, and strike just before we leave for Eleder.


gdapkus BraulioB

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