Serpent's Skull in Eberron

Joffa can haz journal 45

Zol, the 17th day of Rhaan

Morning meeting
Morning brings not only a new day, but also an old companion. Chydak enters the inn, prompting me to descend from my perch and wake Dadak. We head toward the entrance just in time to see Chydak being tossed back out into the street. Apparently this isn’t a goblin-friendly establishment. We greet Chydak and I leave Dadak in his company while I head inside to retrieve Pol and Kreshton.

All assembled outside, we divulge the information that we are each willing to part with. In turns out that each of us has been approached by one of the many factions in Xen-drik interested in the exploitation of the Azlanti temple:
• Chydak is fielding an offer from Shiruu on the behalf of a local criminal organization.
• Pol is fielding an offer from Jasc on the behalf of the kingdom of Breland.
• Dadak is fielding an offer from Aerys on the behalf of the pirates of Lhazar.
• Kreshton is fielding an offer from Gelic on the behalf of the Wayfinders.
• And finally I present Sasha’s offer from the Emerald Claw.
After some debate, we find that there are several groups with which we will absolutely not work with. In the end, the choice is whittled down to us freelancing or working with the pirates. I press for us to join the pirates. Not only do they offer a some pirates to accompany us, but they can probably also provide river transport if it should be required. Convinced by my argument, the others agree to the partnership.

Gelic’s involvement with this messy affair has reopened some old wounds. I had previously vowed to remove his treacherous soul from his useless body, but put it on the back burner at Pol’s behest. Once again, I sense a plot. Pol must have pressed for me to spare Gelic’s life back on the island because they were already in cahoots way back then. Now, with the full backing of the Wayfinders at his disposal, Gelic has grown too large a threat to ignore.

Goods and Equipment
My meeting with the other castaways over, I head to the merchant’s quarter to pick up my order from the mainland. It’s just arrived the day before and I’m eager to take possession of it. I outfit myself with my new gear and test it out as I bound to and fro on the tops of trees, roofs and walls in Stormreach.

Sam returns
I head back to the cafe at supper and see that Sam is seated at our usual corner table. Boy, do we have a lot to talk about! I tell her all about the Azlanti temple and the various factions seeking to exploit it. Now the Black Panthers are officially in the mix.

I also say that I would like Gelic eliminated as soon as possible. If resources can’t be spared, I’d at least like a black card for his life. She agrees that one or the other should be easy enough to get approved. However, we hit an uncomfortable moment when she suggests that all the castaways be targeted for elimination. While it is true that I have had my ups and downs with most of them, and I certainly like a few more than others, I can’t quite bring myself to agree to their wholesale murder. This burgeoning loyalty to these offlanders is visibly troubling to her, but she tries her best to play it off. We’ve known each other for too long… a lot gets said without a word being spoken.

Since we aren’t supposed to spend an extended amount of time together while on assignment, we finish supper and part ways. I tell her that I’m leaving for Eleder soon, but I hope to return home within a couple of weeks. It’s not likely, but false hope is better than none.

I arrive back at the inn where my comrades are staying and head for the stables. I see Dadak already getting ready to bed down for the night. I thank him again for giving me his ring of sustenance. He replies once again that he was happy to be rid of it and glad that I find it so useful. At this, I draw the gift that I had purchased for him. I present him a magic pouch of everlasting rations. I explain to him that it will generate enough fresh food for one person every day. He seems touched by the well-thought out present, but it’s hard to say given the limited range of an Orc’s countenance.

I clamber back into my perch overlooking the inn and settle in for another long night of watching. Once again, no one interesting enters or leaves the inn.


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