Serpent's Skull in Eberron

Joffa can haz journal 41

Far, the 6th day of Rhaan
the Cat in the Hat Café
Eager to surprise my handler with my unexpected and long overdue return, I woke early and headed over to my designated message station at the Cat in the Hat Café. I left an encoded message with the busboy who happens to also be a carrier.

Wandering the streets of Stormreach loaded with gold is not a good idea, not even for an assassin in league with the Black Panthers. So, I paid a visit to the local shopkeeper that the Panthers keep in their pocket. I placed my order for supplies as follows:
1x Mithral Chain Shirt +1 [2100gp]
1x Swimming Goggles [15gp]
1x Watch Lamp [500gp]
1x Hand Periscope [50gp]
1x Everlasting Rations [350gp]
The shopkeep informs me that these items are not readily available and will need to be ordered. He bids me return in a ten-day.

I spend the rest of the day watching the city from my favorite perches high above the din. At dusk, I head back to the safehouse.

the Buzz
Late in the evening, agent Kumon returns from assignment. He’s been in the city gathering intelligence for the Panthers. He tells me the inns and taverns are abuzz with news from a party rescued from Smuggler’s Shiv. I fail to mention that I am a member of that party, but listen intently to all the news he has soaked up. Turns out, most of it is false or heavily exaggerated, but a small fraction is spot on.


gdapkus MMM

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