Serpent's Skull in Eberron

Joffa can haz journal 36

Far, the 20th day of Barrakas
The Ring of Sustenance
I approach Dadak in private and take him into my confidence. I tell him I intend to stay alone on the island and ask if he’ll assist me by giving me the ring of sustenance. To my surprise, he is actually eager to be rid of it. Apparently the rings disruption of the natural cycle of life was wearing on his druidic soul. He handed me the ring and I immediately felt my body attuning to it.

However, that was not the only surprise that the Orc supplied me that day. Whereas I had suspected he might be happy to be rid of me, he instead took the opposite tact and encouraged me to leave the island. He offered to train me in the art of being a castaway so that I might return to Xen-drik without notice. He also stated that I should fear no danger from my enemies because he would stand by me to the end. I have to admit, I was moved by his words. Touched at his concern, I could not in good conscience continue to deceive him, so I let him in on the details of my plan in their entirety.

Loose Ends
Naturally, there was going to have to be one more person in on the plan. That night, while relaxing after our usual bedtime play, I told Sasha of my plan. She did not take the news well. Though I had good intentions, she was worried that they did not outweigh the potential risks. Clearly, clinging to the hull of a ship on the high seas is a mode of transportation only employed by barnacles and for good reason. A strong current or hungry shark might sweep me away to a watery grave. And though I wouldn’t need to eat or drink water, I would still need a couple of hours of sleep every night. I was confident that I could find a cozy spot tangled in some slack line hanging from the prow or on the ships anchor. Still, my attempts to assuage her fears fell on deaf ears. She cried the rest of the night until sleep calmed her.


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