Serpent's Skull in Eberron

Joffa can haz journal 35

Zor, the 19th day of Barrakas
Good luck makes a rare appearance
Finally! After weeks of working on it, Jasc and Gelic seem to be well on their way to getting the lighthouse operational. I had planned on cajoling a few people to mount an expedition with me to the SE shore, but word is that the lighthouse might be cobbled into a working state with the few parts we already have on hand. This is the stroke of good luck that we needed. Suddenly the mood in the camp is uplifted and everyone is happy again.

While everyone else is blinded by the joy of potential rescue, I retreat back into the dark corners of my mind. Unlike the others, I’m not as easily moved to unwarranted happiness. In these waters, our beacon of light is just as likely to attract pirates or slavers as anything else. I need to devise a backup plan just in case our “rescue” goes south.

The plan
After spending hours atop the lighthouse deep in thought, I devise a simple plan to give us all an advantage. I won’t board the ship with the others. I’ll feign a desire to stay behind to avoid repercussions back on Xen-drik. As the others board the long boat and depart the island, I’ll slip into the water and swim out to the ship. Using a combination of spiderclimb, water breathing and swim, I’ll be able to cling to the hull of the ship for the relatively short journey. Of course, I’ll still need to eat, drink and sleep, but I have just the item in mind to mitigate that problem. It is late in the day; I will wait ‘til morning to make my next move.


gdapkus MMM

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