Serpent's Skull in Eberron

Joffa can haz journal 34

Wir, the 18th day of Barrakas
Home sweet home
Finally returned to base, I’m happy to be home again. It’s odd that I should feel that way about this wretched place, but months of being shipwrecked makes mansions of pig-sties. I really had hoped that the Serpent’s temple would give us the final clue to get off this rock, but we found nothing pertinent and the entire expedition seems a waste. So, if we’re doomed to wait here until luck happens a ship of rescue upon us, then the lighthouse remains the best place to put in our time. I try to keep the groups morale up, but even I’m dis-heartened.

After resting back at camp, reconnecting with loved ones, and sharing our tales of adventure, I suggest we get back to the business of finding rescue. While atop Red Mountain, we had spotted several wrecks along the island’s SE shore. I suggest that we explore them and search for more lighthouse parts. My demoralized compatriots are resistant to making the cross island trek yet again. I don’t want to push the issue as our situation is precarious. If I press too hard, I’m worried despair will give way to anger and the group may fracture. I table the discussion and ask only that they reconsider. Perhaps I’ll ask again tomorrow.


gdapkus MMM

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