Ten thousand years is a long time to wait.

Modern civilizations may have forgotten it, but the Azlanti ruin of Saventh-Yhi is far from empty. It waits deep in the Mwangi Expanse, hidden by rugged cliffs in a magically occluded valley, and grants shelter to ancient evils and savage creatures alike. Fabulous wealth may lie there, waiting to be claimed by anyone brave or strong enough to seize it. And with the arrival of our band of adventurers and the rival factions, quite a few people are about to try just that.

Although Saventh-Yhi has gone through innumerable changes over its millennia of existence, its appearance has long since settled into a status quo. The first things a visitor notices on first sight of the city’s skyline are its seven spears. Protruding from the already lofty tops of seven 100-foot-high ziggurats, these narrow monoliths extend a further 100 feet into the sky. Nestled in a cradle of sheer cliffs thick with jungle vines and brushed with wisps of fog, the seven districts of Saventh-Yhi are arrayed around a large central lake.


Map Sites

X The Free Captains Expedition Campsite
A1Silent Cenotes
A2The Tangle Tree
A3Water Treatment
A4Triumphal Stair
B1Lair of the Ape-Eaters
B2Pentagon Isle
B3Spear of Wealth
B5Unexplored Site

Serpent's Skull in Eberron

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