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Shipwrecked! It’s the sailor’s oldest fear, with stories of desert islands, savage natives, and terrifying monsters haunting sailors’ imaginations as they sit up late, telling stories over a mug of grog or to help them stay awake on the late watch. This is the unfortunate reality our adventurers have been plunged into. And to make matters worse, they’ve found themselves on the notorious island of Smuggler’s Shiv.

For as long as the people of Khorvaire have been travelling to Xen’Drik, the infamous island of Smuggler’s Shiv has been a bane to sailors and a source scourge to ships traveling around Shargon’s Teeth. The shores of the Shiv have long been said to be haunted by the ghosts and ghouls of the sailors who have died on the jagged rocks and reefs surrounding the island. And more recently, stories are told of a group of shipwrecked Karrns that have degenerated into a cannibals that now scour the isle’s shores for shipwreck victims to add to their meals.

Our adventurers may well find the truth of these rumors, but will they survive to tell of it, or will they end up just another story told to frighten travellers? Will they become souls for Smuggler’s Shiv?

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Smuggler's Shiv Home Page

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