Racing to Ruin Title

Finally rescued from Smuggler’s Shiv and bearing valuable information that may hold the key to the location of the fabled city of Saventh-Yhi only rumored to lay deep within the jungles of Xen’Drik, the adventurers are tossed into the political intrigue and machinations of the City of Stormreach.

Once the adventurers begin deciphering Yarzoth’s notes , rumors that they have found the route to the fabled city of Saventh-Yhi travel fast, and soon reach the ears of other greedy and ambitious organizations. It quickly becomes apparent to the group that many are seeking this information and seek to find the lost city. The rival factions rapidly begin planning their own expeditions in hopes of staking the first claim on the city, and send agents to lure the PCs into their service. Bribed and threatened and betrayed by their fellow castaways, the adventurers realize that they need to fall in with one of the many factions to pursue the fabled goal.

Traveling to Eleder, the closest civilized outpost to the fabled city and the capital of the Brelish colony of Sargava, the adventurers have agreed to work with the Free Captains of the Shackles and lay claim to the treasures of Savnth-Yhi on their behalf. Treasure hunters are an unwelcome sight to the colonists though and they may well meet resistance before their expedition begins.

After several months of braving the dangers of Xen’Drik’s jungles, the expedition makes it to the walls of Tazion. Hidden inside is the legendary Pillars of Light, the entrance to Savnth-Yhi itself. They know they must find it and secure it before the other factions’ expeditions following behind them arrive. Who knows what perils they will find inside those walls…

and so continues the next chapter in the saga of the Serpent’s Skull . . .

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Racing to Ruin Title

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