Intermission Title

A Vision of Saventh-Yhi

Standing in the map room of Tazion the adventures are granted a vision…

…. the legendary ruins of Saventh-Yhi. The vision allows them to determine that Saventh-Yhi itself is located not far from the ruins of Tazion, in a particularly dense portion of the Xen’drik jungle expanse where travel is complicated not only by thick jungle but also by a number of rugged mountains and sheer cliffs. Saventh-Yhi itself is approximately 20 miles north of Tazion, sheltered in a natural valley between tall cliffs in the jungle-covered hills.

Now that the location is known, they’ll need to rejoin the expedition of the Free Captains of the Shackles and report their findings. Then they’ll need once again to blaze the trail and find a campsite for the expedition before exploring the vast unexplored ruins of Savinth-Yhi.

The Adventurers:

Dadak – An orc druid seeking out clues to the whereabouts of his father lost to Xen’drik many years past. He is haunted by nightmares of his father being sacrificed to a serpent god. He has recently stumbled upon proof that he is on his father’s trail, his father’s legendary armor.

Kreshton Rel’Astra – Fortune, both good and ill, strikes in the manner of lightning, sudden and unexpected. Kreshton, a minor Brelish noble, embraced fortune the day he took his uncle’s blade, cast off his family’s riches, influence and responsibilities, and set out to follow the example of his uncle Salreon in search of adventure. His exploits have led him to one of the greatest discoveries of the age, the City of Saventh Yhi. Now with a vast ancient ruined city before hmit o explore, Kreshton knows that his adventure has only just begun.

Pol – He is a member of a Kalashtar group called the Transcendent Light. Their sole purpose is to seek and destroy members of the Dreaming Dark. Though his order is in disarray after being subverted from within by the Dreaming Dark, his mission in Xen’Drik is of paramount importance. He believes he has found evidence that the legends of Idarthus, a quori who remained in Eberron when all others were banished by binding himself to a great serpent, are true and may even now be manipulating events in the world. This evil must be stopped, and only Pol with his adventuring companions can be trusted to do it.

Chydak Kelathri – An unruly and enigmatic character, no one is entirely sure why this vagabond keeps showing up. Though his dedication and loyalty to the party is clearly questionable, his doggedness in continuing to find the adventurers and aid them in their goals has made him a valuable ally. As the group heads on to Saventh Yhi, the others wonder at the persistence of this little witch doctor and why he has come so far from his homeland along their trail.

Joffa – Nothing has been heard of this freedom fighter since he disappeared in the Screaming Jungle. As the group heads to meet up with their expedition, they hope that they will hear some word of him. Chydak tells them not to expect much as he has heard that no catfolk is likely to be trusted after the attempted uprising in Kalabuto.

Intermission Title

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