Changes to Eberron

I am going to be using a Pathfinder Adventure Path for much of the material of the campaign. The campaign as written is set in a different world with a very different pantheon and unique cultural and regional characteristics that may play into the plot of the adventures. This means that while MY campaign is set in Xen’Drik, I am taking many liberties with the respective source materials to fit the published campaign into the Eberron world. There will be aspect’s to the history and lore of this world that do not mesh perfectly with published Eberron lore, but I will do my best to have it all fit as well as I can and everything from the sourcebook should still be treated as cannon.

Initially the following 2 additions are being made:

  1. The Azlanti Empire is a legendary fallen Drow empire that came to power in the first few millennia after the fall of the Giants.
  2. Serpent-folk are cousins to Lizard-folk and share a common language with them.
  3. Breland has begun to actively colonize Xen’Drik since the Last War

I’ll add to this list as things come up.

The setting should make it relatively easy to have a reason for one party member or another to be unavailable at any given time, and I’ll do my absolute best to not end nights in the middle of combat. Even so, situations will come up that will make it so we’ll have to turn our suspension of disbelief up a notch to ignore that someone has disappeared or suddenly caught up with the group.

Changes to Eberron

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