Action Points

I am going to make some changes to the way action points are earned and used in this campaign. Below is a compilation of the current effective rules for AP. The Eberron Campaign Setting rules(ECS) take precedence unless contradicted below. This is a work in progress, so rules may be added or removed as we go along, Feel free to make suggestions for ways to earn/use/lose actions points, but don’t expect me to approve them on the fly during a session.

Earning Action Points

+X AP At each level, characters gain action points per ECS, and may carry over up to 3 AP from the previous level. (X = 5 + 1/2ECL)
+1 AP Prologue – Describe what happened in the last session
+1 AP An Adventure Log entry detailing the events of a FULL session
+1 AP 1 Page of Wiki Content (this will be a bit subjective)

Spending Action Points:
(During combat, AP may only be spent once per round by each character.)

1 AP Add to a rolled d20 per ECS
1 AP Add to the DC of a cast spell/ability (same as adding to a d20)
1 AP Reduce amount of damage taken from an injury (same as adding to a d20)
1 AP Stabilize at your current hit point total per ECS
2 AP Gain an extra use of one of a class features per ECS
? AP Influence the adventure in small ways with a successful skill check

Losing Action Points:
The only way to lose action points at this time is to have more than 3 AP when gaining a level. Any AP in excess of 3 are lost.

Action Points

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