Tag: Jenivere Crew


  • Alton Devers

    The Jenivere's first mate is friendly with both passengers and crew, but he sometimes seems to chafe under the strong discipline of Captain Kovack. Found dead on the wreck of the [[Jenivere]]. Apparently from wounds inflicted by a …

  • Captain Alizandru Kovack

    A Lazhaar trader whose family has made the Regalport to Sharn run for generations, Captain Kovack is pleasant enough with his passengers, but a strict disciplinarian when dealing with his crew. h4. The Captain’s Log An examination of this log …

  • Rambar Terillo

    A taciturn man from Thrane, Ship’s Cook Terillo has served in that capacity aboard several ships, though apparently not on account of his culinary skills, which seem to be limited to watery soups. Found dead on the wreck of the Jenivere. [[:dadak]] …

  • Marco

    This crew member is one that stands out quickly to anyone who has spent some time on Jenivere. His loud mouth and short temper get him in trouble often, and more than one passenger has been offended by his crude humor.