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Alton Devers' Log 1
The Ship Sets Sail
Mol the 9th of Therendor 1002 YK

Well, we finally got out of Regalport this morning, almost a week behind schedule. Captain Kovack knows what he’s doing though, and he says he can make up the time. This is my 4th year on his ship and I trust him, but I really hope he doesn’t try to find the faster currents out in the Dragonreach again. It cost us 3 days of back tracking against the wind and currents when he overshot Krag the last time he did that.

This trip he’s promoted me to first mate. Jons, his previous first, signed on with a Windwrights ship. Sold his soul to the elves if you ask me. As first mate, I get the honour of taking care of this year crop of passengers, including a quiet Cyran woman who hasn’t come out of her cabin since she got on board, and a old scribe that was brought on board in shackles isn’t to be allowed out of his cabin until we get to Stormreach. The captain has asked me to take care of their needs during the trip.

-From the Log of Alton Devers, First mate of the Jenivere
Alton Devers' Log 2
From this Rocky Port
Far the 20th of Therendor 1002 YK

After only 2 days of back tracking this time, Krag was as ugly and unwelcoming a place as I’ve ever seen. I almost wish we had just continued on to Lorghalen. It is gladly left behind us now. It’s amazing that anyone would want live on a desolate rock like that, but I guess noone can tell a dwarf where to live . . . and no one cares to as long as they stay underground.

I thought that the captain would tell me more about the man he’s got locked up in the aft passenger cabin, rather the ‘Brig’ as Captain Kovack has taken to calling it, but he’s adamant that I need to just leave that one alone except for bringing him his meals and taking out his night soil. I won’t even go into the chewing out he gave me when I tried to have the cabin boy take care of the night soil. Maybe being first mate isn’t quite the promotion I thought it was.

-From the log of Alton Devers, First mate of the Jenivere.
Alton Devers' Log 3
There's gnome place like home
Sar the 28th of Therendor 1002 YK

So much more pleasant than Krag, , Lorghalen is still nothing compared to the Nothern Lhazaar Islands. Heh, I must be getting homesick. I never would have become a sailor if Regalport was that great a place to live.

A wisecracking gnome got on board at Lorghalen and has already become quite a hit with the crew, especially Marco. He’s not making any friends among the other passengers though, as they have so far been the butt of his caustic humor. He’s going to be with us all the way to Stormreach. I worry that he’ll wear out his welcome long before we get there.

Captain Kovack is cracking down on the crew as hard as ever. He insists that it’s our lack of discipline rather than his navigating that has kept us from making up time.

-From the Log of Alton Devers, First mate of the Jenivere

Alton Devers' Log 4
Cat in the Sack
Zol the 10th of Eyre

I can still smell the stink of Q’Barra though we’ve been at sea now for 3 hours. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to try to live an over grown composte heap like that, but there’s no denying that they have some valueable trade.

One of those cat people that we sometimes see trading in the markets in Stormreach boarded the ship while we were at Adderport. Claims to be a diplomat. Figures that backwards people like the catfolk would send diplomats to the most backward government on Khovaire. Below deck Marco started telling stories about how amazing their women are in the sack. Typical crew deck talk. Rambar reminded Marco that the last time he made an indecent offer to one of the catfolk traders in Stormreach, it turned out to be a guy! I hope he just leaves this one alone.

We also picked up a brooding red-headed woman. Attractive enough, but with that morose attitude of hers, even Marco left her alone.

-From the Log of Alton Devers, First mate of the Jenivere

Alton Devers' Log 5
Marco the mighty sailor
Sul the 22nd of Eyre

Now that was an absolute joy to see. I knew tha Mavato woman was not one to mess around with, but I have to say I didn’t expect the thrashing she gave to Marco. He deserved every bit of it though for what he said to her. Hell, he’s deserved an ass-whooping like that for a while now. He’s not going to live this one down any time soon.

So it’s official now, we’re not going to Darguun on this leg of the trip. The captain found a ship headed that way, someone he says he can trust. It took us an extra night at port to get the cargo for Darguun offloaded and find a Sivis scribe to authenticate the transfer, but heading straight to Aerenal should take about 12 days off our trip. That should finally put us back on schedule.

-From the Log of Alton Devers, First mate of the Jenivere

Alton Devers' Log 6
The calm before the more calm
Sul the 4th of Dravago

We’ve finally reach a port on schedule, so of course the Captain takes the time gained and immediately squanders it. He’s decided to stay a couple extra days in Shae Thoridor. Why we’re staying in port so long I’ll never know. All our business was done on the first day, but the captain says that it gives us the opportunity to pickup an extra passenger or two, He hates running light on cargo or passengers. Of course it’s waste of time the few elves that want to business with us get it done quickly and are gone.

Gelik has been the only highlight at this bleak port. He’s kept the crew laughing. Mostly at the elves working on the wharf. Certainly hasn’t made us any friends around here, but that wasn’t likely anyway. Well, to be fair, Sasha is pleasant to be around as well. She’s been quick to lend a hand on deck lately, and seems almost a completely different woman than the one that boarded in Q’Barra.

The half-elf, Aerys Mavato, on the other hand has gone from bad to worse. The only time she seems to come out of her cabin is to grab some food or a couple bottles. I’ve tried to assure her that no one blames her for what happened with Marco, but it seems like the more friendly I am toward her, the more she wants to be left alone.

-From the Log of Alton Devers, First mate of the Jenivere

Alton Devers' Log 7
Fully Loaded
Zol the 18th of Dravago

Gelik didn’t bother entertaining us this time in port, so we were stuck listening to Marco tell us all how he’s going to bed himself an elven maiden on the way home this year. You’d think after the way Aerys took him down he’d have a little more self control. Rambar quickly reminded about the last time he made a pass at an elven woman, and told him him that he is as like to get himself killed before he beds any maiden, elven or otherwise.

As luck would have it though, the waiting finally payed off for Captain Kovack. A group of five elves boarded the ship heading for Xen’drik. The passenger deck has become quite crowded now. At least we have a full load of paying passengers now, and meal times have become quite lively with that bard the elves brought with them.

-From the Log of Alton Devers, First mate of the Jenivere

Alton Devers' Log 8
Brimming with enthusiasm
Zol the 3th of Nymm

The winds were with us the whole way from Aerenal, and we finally have reached a port ahead of schedule. Captain Kovack has of course taken this as a sign that he could load the ship down a bit more. Not only have we added our cargo from Darguun that was forwarded here, but a worn looking hobgoblin and Kreshton, a foppish bragart that pretends to be a sailor, have boarded the ship. The hobgoblin appantly had booked passage with our agent in Darguun, so we have had to fit him in. The other offered to hire on to the crew to get passage to Xen’Drik. The captain turned him down, but he must have offered the Captain something else, because he’s on board as a passenger now, though both of him and the hobgoblin are bunking down on the crew deck. Of course this means a couple of the crew are grumbling about having to move their bunks to cargo.

I almost feel sorry for the dandy though. The man speaks of nothing but adventure and how wonderful Xen’Drik is. He’s going to be woefully dissapointed when he faces the reality of Stormreach and it’s colonial government. The only people that they let head out on any real adventures are the large expiditions wealthy enough to grease the palms of the officials and pay their unreasonable tariffs on any artifacts brought back from inside Xen’Drik.

-From the Log of Alton Devers, First mate of the Jenivere

Alton Devers' Log 9
Trolololololanport - portents and tides
Zol the 10th of Nymm

All the elves have left us now except for the bard. I’ve never thought them a superstitious lot, but they spoke of ill omens and an evil presence when they told captain they were leaving the ship. Hardly good for crew morale this far from home. At least the crew can get their bunks back, as goblin and Sir SwiftTongue have thankfully been moved up with the passengers.

Jask seems troubled too. The other morning when I went to bring him his breakfast, I found him lying on the floor with his clothes torn and hands bloodied. I tried to speak to him of it, despite the captain’s admonishments, but he just stayed quiet and ate his food. The captain of course yelled at me for spending so much time in his cabin, and refuses even to let me offer the man a change of clothes.

Ieana on the other hand, actually spent some time out of her cabin in the past few days. I’d almost forgotten she was on board. She had dinner with the Captain the night before we hit Trolanport. Aerys as well has seemed to spend a little more time out of her cabin. She spent that time mostly just staring out to the ocean. Almost as if she’s looking for something out there on the horizon, and with a longing that well . . . I wonder what she’s loooking for.

-From the Log of Alton Devers, First mate of the Jenivere


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