Serpent's Skull in Eberron

A Day of Rest

Wir the 18th of Vult
The party spent the day recovering from their battle with the ghost of Nareem Daress. A runner arrived at the camp to let them know that the Expedition was only a day away and complain of Pteranodons.

Azlanti Man, Burning Man, Disappearing Man

Saventh-Yi has changed since the last time I was here. The once colorful city has mostly turned to earth tones. There are no people here anymore. The Azlanti man I travel with (Iyum Qreshtonne) appears at a loss in the city. It’s almost like he’s never been in an Azlanti designed city before. He can’t even read the signs. Perhaps I was mistaken about him: he may be a Thassilonian spy… … …

We wandered the ruins nearest our camp. We found an old grain silo filled with rotted vegetation. It was delicious. My companions didn’t think so. To each there own.

After the silo, we returned to the silent pools to investigate them further. There was nothing of interest, except for a campground. It didn’t seem particularly interesting to me, but Iyum Qreshtonne wanted to examine it in-depth. It turns out, he was right, there was something interesting in the camp ground. An oddly dressed man sprung out from the tent and began yelling at Iyum Qreshtonne, as if they were previously acquainted. At first, I wasn’t too concerned but then the man started a fight. I stepped in to help as Iyum Qreshtonne ran away. A swarm of leif-cutter ants began to mill about me. I hate leif-cutter ants. They swarmed over my body and I ran from them. I suspect they are protecting their nest. As I turned the corner of a nearby ruin, I heard I-Daw-Daque yell for me to return. I ran back but found neither Iyum Qreshtonne, nor I-Daw-Daque at the campground. A man, wreathed in flames, was standing alone. I didn’t know this burning man, but he appeared to be fighting on the behalf of my companions. I rejoined the fight and caused the angry camper to disappear. I’m not sure how I did that… maybe it is a special power of the Commander’s morningstar.

With the fight over, I asked Iyum Qreshtonne how he knew the oddly dressed man. At first, he denied knowing the man, but then he said he was familiar with the man’s family. I think he said they were the Pathfinder clan. I’ve never heard of them… perhaps they are Thassilonian as well.

Upping the Ante

Zol, the 17th of Vult

Having established a camp site for the expedition, the party decided to patrol the local ruins to safe guard against any local dangers.
Whatever magics have preserved the city at large did not manage to protect the buildings near the entrance to the city from the ages. These small building were little more than piles of cut stone, the victims of numerous floods over the years. There was little of interest and nothing of value to be found here.

With the nearby ruins cleared of danger, the decision was made to take a closer look at the cenotes that had been so eerily silent. The building here fared even worse than those by the camp. not only being completely over grown by jungle, but many have fallen into the large sinkholes in the area. While searching through the ruins, the adventurers stumbled upon what looked like a recent campsite consisting of a small fire pit, sledge and collapsed tent. The campsite appeared to have been ransacked, and Dadak recognized the footprints of Charau-ka. Kreshton moved to take a closer look at the sledge but was forced away by a swarm of army ants coming from underneath the sledge. Kreshton withdrew a few feet away, but remained in the campsite considering how to deal with the ants. Moments later, when the party had not vacated the area, a half orc stepped out of the collapsed tent and started shouting at Kreshton to leave.

“It’s mine! I found it! The city is mine!” The half-orc shouted as he moved to assault Kreshton. Before Kreshton could move the apparition was upon him quickly followed by the swarm of ants. The half-orc’s attack sweeped through Kreshton’s body leaving no doubt as to the ghostly nature of his attacker and withering Kreshton’s vitality from the inside. Overwhelmed and nauseated by the swarming ants, Kreshton had no choice but to withdraw to a safer distance.

“Nareem Daress will be known as the FIRST to find the city! It’s mine! LEAVE!!” the ghost continued to rant as the Leif and Dadak each in turn tried to vanquish the creature. Dadak, wielding the monkey head fetish, attempted to banish the ghost from this plane, but only managed to upset Nareem further. Leif striking with his mornign star seemed to weaken the spirit, but also took a beating at the hands of Nareem and his ants. One by one the members of the party struck at the ghost only to be subsequently over run by ants and struck hard by Nareem. All were greatly wounded, with Kreshton in full retreat when a final desperate swipe from Leif’s morning star dispersed the ghost at last, the ants disappearing along with him.

In the Jungle not far from the camp the party found the corpse of Nareem, stripped of flesh and with no belongings on him. Searching the camp further, they found loose dirt under the sledge and unearthed a cache of relics that Nareem had hidden away along with his journal.

XP and Loot:

Nareem Daress – 3,200XP

3200 XP/3 = 1,067 XP each (Dadak, Kreshton, Leif)

Dadak – 41516/51000 XP
Level 7

Kreshton – 38393/51000 XP
Level 7
Leif – 38334/51000 XP
Level 7
Chydak – 35000/51000 XP
Level 7

A bronze ring covered in geometric shapes and studded with tiny pearls
a mithral heavy shield
three mithral spearheads (worth 100 gp each)
a small ivory coffer decorated with detailed carvings of Azlanti fighting serpentfolk
46 uncut zircons
170 gp, 476 sp, and 272 cp in ancient Azlanti coins
The Pathfinder Journal of Nareem Daress

Saventh-Yhi at last

Mol, the 16th of Vult

Finally having arrived at Saventh-Yhi, the party spent the rest of Mol and the following day preparing a camp for the expedition.

Although Saventh-Yhi has gone through innumerable changes over its millennia of existence, its appearance has long since settled into a status quo. The first things the party noticed on first sight of the city’s skyline are its seven spears. Protruding from the already lofty tops of seven 100-foot-high ziggurats, these narrow monoliths extend a further 100 feet into the sky. Each of these spires marks the heart of one of the city’s seven districts, and they can be seen from nearly everywhere in the ruins—the seven spears make excellent landmarks.

Nestled in a cradle of sheer cliffs thick with jungle vines and brushed with wisps of fog, the seven districts of Saventh-Yhi are arrayed around a large central lake. The buildings of the city are clearly weathered and worn, but most resist the encroachment of plants and mud, and they refuse to crumble, appearing as a ruin of only a few thousand years of age rather than over 10,000. The architectural style is remarkable, marked by massive guardian sculptures and intricate geometric patterns carved into the stone—any who have studied Azlanti ruins can automatically recognize this style. Up close, countless individual carvings and murals decorate the inner walls of these buildings, and it is from these carvings that the secret history of Saventh-Yhi can be recovered with time.

Fog rises and clings to the waters and cliffs of the city every morning, but these mists quickly burn off by midmorning. By noon, the heat of the sun raises temperatures to agonizing heights (treat the hours between noon and 3:00p.m. as very hot. Heavy rain falls in the late afternoon, providing relief from the sweltering heat. As evening approaches, the rain dies off and the fog returns, remaining until midnight when more rain clears the air.

A Dangerous Crossing

Mol, the 16th of Vult

The Party had camped the night near the top of the waterfall and got an early start in the morning. Their pace was rushed, not only because of their excitement at reaching their long sought after goal, but the path itself seemed to become easier the closer they got to their destination.

The strangely preserved road led into a narrow cleft in the jungle-choked ridges, forcing the river into a swiftly flowing rapid through the gorge. The path ahead of them offered two methods onward—below, a slippery-looking path of wooden bridges connects small islands, while above a rickety rope bridge swings in the air. They chose BOTH.

Attempting to via the bridge, Kreshton was attacked by a group of Pteradons. Though The avians hurt Kreshton badly, he was able to return the injuries and managed to scare off the first of the attackers with nearly mortal wounds. The other two seeking to prey on the rest of the rest of the party found no better luck. Unable to penetrate Leif’s mighty armor and terrorized by Dadak’s horrible visage, the other two quickly gave up their hope of a meal from this party of adventurers. Kreshton quickly crossed to the other side of the bridge to tend to his wounds, while Leif and Dadak still not trusting the old bridge returned to the lower path. Unfortunately for them, the lower path was no safer than the bridge.

Four large crocodiles lay in wait in the turbulent waters of the crossing. Leif and Dadak were set upon, but quick thinking and a little luck left the group with only minors injuries as the crocodiles disappeared feasting on the remains of one of their fallen.

XP and Loot:

Advanced Pteranodons (3) – 3,600XP
Advanced Crocodiles (4) – 3,200XP

6,800 XP/3 = 2,267 XP each (Dadak, Kreshton, Leif)

Dadak – 40449/51000 XP
Level 7

Kreshton – 37326/51000 XP
Level 7
Leif – 37267/51000 XP
Level 7
Chydak – 35000/51000 XP
Level 7

Loot: NONE

The Water Falls

Sul, the 15th of Vult

The vanguard of the Free Captain’s Expedition reached a large waterfall. Knowing that they are very close to reaching the fabled cuity, Captain Kassata Lewynn told the party that she and the rest of the vanguard would clear the path up the waterfall, but that they should continue on and secure a campsite for the expedition.

Return of the Azlanti?

A creature dressed in many colors and a druid made of deadwood, came to my watch tower today. The creature bore a resemblance to the Azlanti, and it spoke of a desire to kill a serpent creature. It has been a long time since I concerned myself with the war between the Azlanti and the serpentfolk. When the empire left, I thought the war was done with. Apparently, it has been raging in other parts of the world for all these countless seasons. This particular Azlanti appears dedicated to his cause, despite its’ lack of appropriate equipment. It seems the modern imperial soldier forgoes heavy armor and shield, in favor of flamboyant capes and blouses. The creatures name is Aiyumqreshtun. Sounds vaguely Azlanti…

As for the deadwood druid, I find myself struggling to commune with it. It gave me the sign of peltor, so I replied with the sign of venil. I waited for further response, but it just stared at me. I patiently waited, but the staring didn’t lead to mukagawa. I’ll try again later…

The Race Continues

Zor, the 12th of Vult

Having discovered the path to Saventh-Yhi, the party then spent the some days securing the outpost of Tazion while awaiting the arrival of the Free Captain’s expedition. The party spent their time chasing off any remaining charau-ka and securing the ancient ruins. During this time, Chydak once again wanders off into the jungle seeking alchemical supplies, Pol received a message from home that forced him to abandon his quest and return to his homeland, and Kreshton and Dadak uncovered an crumbled guard tower with a strange figure still standing sentry.

Dadak and Kreshton spoke at length with this sentient plant in ancient but well kept armor. In the end the warrior Leif decided to join them on their journey to Saventh-Yhi hoping to find the Azlanti that left him so long ago or at least some serpent folk to slay.

Finally the long awaited expedition arrives at Tazion, and plans are made for the final leg to Saventh-Yhi.

A Shift in the Wind

The primates are howling less. Perhaps something is eating them. I might be able to return to my sleep soon. On the other hand, the camp is looking very neglected. So much has changed since I went to sleep last. All that is left now is the foundation of the watch tower. I miss the company of the soldiers. For hundreds of seasons, they kept watch where the tower once stood. Until I can return to sleep, I will keep watch as they once did.

Monkey Business

The incessant howling abrades me day and night. I look forward to the day that their species goes extinct.


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