Serpent's Skull in Eberron

Reflections In Firelight
A Fine Blade

I’m beginning to suspect that my Uncle Saleron was less than truthful when I spent those winters at his knee and he told me of his exploits in and around Khorvaire. Oh, I don’t think that he lied about everything, but I’ve realized something. He was a great man, but I think his sword – my sword – elevated him into an OUTSTANDING man. There is much to this sword other than the jewels which bedazzle its hilt.

I knew this sword was special when I first saw it proudly displayed over his hearth in the apartments that my parents gave him in Zilargo. Just looking at it reflecting the firelight, filling the room with beams of yellow and sliver light filled me with wonder. When I slinked into his dusty and unused rooms several days after his death and removed it from its display it felt good in my hands. Even though my heart was filled with excitement as I moved down to the docks and onto the wooden deck of the Jennivere, I could feel something in the back of my head creating a bond with the blade.
During the time I was stranded on Smuggler’s Shiv with Dadak, Chydak, Joffa, Pol and the others I felt myself grow into the blade. Several nights I dreamt of the previous owners of the blade and I shrugged it off as stories I may have been half asleep while Uncle Saleron continued with his tales; it took me a while to realize that was not true, that the sword was imparting me with knowledge. The images gave me a name: Mischief’s Blade. A more apt name would be hard to come by.

Previous owners were jokesters or rebels. One singer, a Joban Whool, was both. When his prized lyre was destroyed he commissioned the blade and used it to lead others to victory against the radical sect of Aureon that had been lording over his town. He invoked Lady Luck, the goddess Olliandra, in the forging of the blade, and it served him well. Enzio was tricked into assisting in a robbery against the mayor of his city during the city’s Freedom Festival and only through Enzio’s lithe acrobatics and other abilities of the sword he grabbed from a wall – Mischief’s Blade – was he able to escape. The luck imbued in the blade was all the help he needed. Uncle Saleron quickly moved up the ranks of the Beland Navy once he acquired the blade and his “Luck” was well known to his shipmates.

Now, I have Mischief’s Blade. Last night new abilities I was unaware of came unexpectedly to my thoughts. I look at the sword and I wonder what the future holds for us. I look at my companions, new and old, and I smile Time will tell… time will tell.


Everywhere we go in Saventh-Yi, animals of great size seem to dominate. We fought a giant bat, a giant mantis and today, a giant crocodile. We have a druid with us, but he has not been able to deal with the animals in a favorable fashion. I don’t blame him, plants are the superiour expression of nature. If I had to pick one over the other, I’d choose the same as him. Still, the lack of acumen makes the journey difficult and treacherous. The giant bat flew off with me and almost ate me for dinner. Today, the giant crocodile almost ate our druid and his pussy. There has to be a better way to proceed. However, these titanic creatures have thus far eluded our detection. We somehow miss them, despite looking specifically for them… that is, until they are lunging for our branches. Hiding in plain sight appears to be a common trait amongst these beasts, as objects larger enough to conceal them are few and far between. Faced with a deck so heavily stacked against us, I suppose our only hope is that we will soon bludgeon the last of these beasts to death.

Speaking of bludgeoning beasts to death, the monkey men of Saventh-Yi have now learned the lesson I taught to those in Tazion. Do not disturb the Leif.

On a side note, the Thassilonian tribe known as the Pathfinders appeared recently. We had encountered one of their number at a bug-infested campground a couple of days ago. At that time, Iyum Kreshton entered into a familial spat with the lone camper. However, he later denied knowing the man. I found this strange. Now, a whole family of Pathfinders appear and they sent a special invitation to Iyum Kreshton. His claims to not be a member of this Thassilonian spy ring seem less and less credible with every sunset. I may have to take matters into my own hands to prevent these Thassilonians from despoiling the remnants of Azlanti pride in this lost city. Oh how I wish Captain Severus still patrolled these lands!


Sar, the 21st of Vult
The group, still waiting on their, rowboat completed their inspection of the district to the South of camp. After exterminating a wandering Giant Jungle Mantis, they checked out on of the bridges to the central district, and found that a 30 foot section had dropped into the water. They decided that they’d need a boat to get across.

They found at the south end of the district a large plaza had sunk beneath the water. On the far side of the plaza a structure stood on an island near the cliff face. Agin they decided to wait for their rowboat. The rest of their day was uneventful and they returned to camp with the few places left to explore in the district all requiring a water crossing to reach.

The Quartermaster unable to provide them yet with a boat or the wand they had ordered, was able to get the wizard who was making their wand to agree to take a few minutes to identify the ring.

Ring of Seven Virtues
Aura moderate transmutation
This bronze band is covered in geometric shapes and studded with tiny pearls. The wearer of the ring gains a constant endure elements effect and a +5 competence bonus on Survival checks made in jungles. The Seven symbols are somehow in tune with the city and seem designed to act as a conduit or amplifier of some other magic.

Sul, the 22nd of Vult
After having the ring Identified, the party returned to the pyramid the next day to see if they would discover anything new with Kreshton wearing the ring. They noticed no change, but Kreshton noticed a pattern in the layout of the runes on the pyramid that made him certain that the spire must have some way of being activated, though how to activate it and what it might do were still unclear.
They then returned to camp to retrieve the rowboat. Declining any assistance from the camp, they dragged the boat to the small teardrop shape lake just south of camp. Wary of crocodiles hiding in the reeds on the island, they cautiously rowed over to the small island with a monument of some sort at its northern end, Kreshton’s expertise guiding Dadak and Leif in rowing their new boat. Warily they began to explore the island, and immediately they noticed a large number of bones piled amongst trampled reeds on island. Their caution was well warranted and Dadak’s sharp eyes sighted an extremely large crocodile just moments before it attacked.
Despite his wariness and keen eyes, the gargantuan crocodile was able to snatch Dadak in its mouth before he could get cover. Luckily by tranforming himself into a fire elemental he was able to force the crocodile to release him. The crocodile quickly switch to easier prey grabbing Dadak’s cat companion Kalia and preparing to swallow her whole. Only a heroic effort by Dadak, literally diving back into the mouth of the beast was Kalia’s life spared. Meanwhile, Kreshton and Leif had set themselves up to attack the crocodile from behind cover.

Kreshton began to harry the massive beast, rushing in and out of its reach before it could attack, and drawing back towards the monument. Then while dadak began to summon creatures to attack the crocodile’s flank, Keshton and Leif took turns striking at the crocodile while it battered at the stone columns protecting them from its wrath. Eventually the crocodile was able to knock down one of the columns and made to attack the now exposed Leif, but with much of its blood already spilled, its attempts were feeble and easily rebuffed by the well armored warrior, and then in moments it was defeated and lifeless.

The party once again returned to camp, but this time bearing the news that as long as researchers stayed clear of the two unexplored building, the Mercantile District was safe for exploration and prolonged study.

Camp Notes:

  • 2 Discoveries Made (3 Total):
    • The symbols on the ring are runes for what the Azlanti called the Seven Virtues:
      • Righteous Anger – the ability to stand up for oneself and others against wrongdoers
      • Wealth – the ability to provide for oneself and one’s family
      • Honest Pride – the ability to know when one does something well and value that work
      • Rest – the ability to put aside unimportant distractions and take time for quiet contemplation
      • Eager Striving – the ability to push oneself to ever higher acheivements
      • Abundance – the ability to appreciate when times are good and save for when times are bad
      • Fertility – the ability to grow healthy crops and large families
    • Each of the districts and spires is associated with one of these virtues. The mercantile district is associated with the virtue of Wealth
  • Wand of Identify should be available by the end of Sul-22


  • Somebody in camp has a cache of Maple syrup but isn’t sharing. Everybody else has to eat their biscuits dry.
  • A ranger from another faction tamed one of the pteradons from the bridge. The river crossing has now been cleared of all dangers.

Giant Jungle Mantis – 800XP
Sarcosuchus – 6400XP
Securing the Mercantile District for study – 9600XP

16800 XP/3 = 5600 XP each (Dadak, Kreshton, Leif)

Dadak – 54182/75000 XP
Level 8

Kreshton – 51059/75000 XP
Level 8
Leif – 51000/75000 XP
Level 8
Chydak – 35000/51000 XP
Level 7


That Pleases Me
Kreshton Rel'Astra, Discoverer of Saventh-Yi

Well, I felt useless today. There we were, exploring the ruins of a ziggurat, when from out of the darkness above us, what I can only call a dire bat attacked; it was much, much larger, though. Something caught my attention and I was able to throw my axe and hit it right between the eyes just as it began its swoop. But that was it. The thing pounced on Leif and grabbed him so quickly it was just a blur in the darkness. I had a chance or two to hit it before it tried to escape with Leif but I was unsuccessful. It was only through Leif’s fortitude, and quite a bit of the luck surrounding one who takes up the life of an adventurer, that Leif was able to withstand the savage beating he took. I still have the image in my head of Leif dangling in the bat’s maw while he furiously beat at it with his weapon. Dadak’s timely summons of a large eagle did quite a bit of good too!

No matter. This first section of Saventh-Yi that we’ve explored has more secrets to find. The whole city is quite large and I expect each section will have its own surprises. I will have many more chances for swordplay ahead of me. I have noticed a lack of ranged attack capabilities in our small group. I have several axes but as they get lost or damaged they are difficult to replace. Sure there’s the camp’s quartermaster, but he seems more intent in his gaining wealth from our sweat, blood, and tears. I see that we are also lacking in detecting and determining the properties of magical equipment which is the life blood of successful adventuring. I’ve taken action to remedy that, by purchasing a wand, but my abilities in such endeavors is just a bit better than Dadak’s. Well, at least the quartermaster will not be able to mislead us and say something is not magical or not and then give us a lower price in exchange.

That bat did a number on us, I swear I can still sense the sound of its wings beating through the air over the great lake that makes the center of Saventh-Yi. Either that or some dragon hunts the area. Ah, unlikely.

I am eager to continue not only to explore this one great city but for two other important reasons. First, somewhere in this city, I suspect is that priestess of Yderious we encountered in the temple beneath Smuggler’s Shiv. She must pay for what she has done and what evils she may yet bring to this world. Her trap of a serpentfolk wizard in Tazion was unsuccessful but the mere fact that she placed him there shows that she knows we’re on her trail. Second, I want my name prominently displayed to the whole world that Kreshton Rel’Astra was responsible for discovering Saventh-Yi after centuries of failed attempts. All of Khorvaire will know my name; that pleases me.

A Wealth of Trouble

Far, the 20th of Vult

As the party ventured on they continued to make a sweep of the buildings moving toward the ziggurat at the center of this district, they noted a strange Pentagonal building sunken into the lake, but moved on being unprepared for working in and perhaps under water.

They clear a path of building up to the ziggurat finding no further trouble in the ruins, and finally approached the first of the fables Seven Spears. Cautiously they climbed the steps of the pyramid. Once again the party took separate paths to maximize their risk, but managed reach the top safely.

Examining the spear at the top they found no entrance to the structure, but Dadak noticed a strange low howling sound coming from the northwest. Upon investigation they found that a large section of the Northwest corner of the ziggurat had fallen into a sinkhole.

Returning to the base of the pyramid the party investigated the hole beneath the massive monument caused by the sink hole. A large opening led into darkness under the building. Following their mandate to make safe the district for less hardy explorers, the party delved into the opening and found a small cavern beneath the pyramid with a rancid pond at its center.

Dadak was quick to identify the foul odor of the cave a guano, and Kreshton’s sharp eyes noticed movement on the ceiling of the cave, but neither was fast enough to warn Leif before a Humongous Bat flew down from the ceiling and snatched Leif from the floor. Kreshton managed to get an ax into the beast as it attacked and Dadak managed to hit the enormous beast with a burst of flames before it could fly off, but the bat was undeterred and began to exit the cavern with Leif clutched in it’s mouth. Leif for his part was despite a crushing blow began to beat steadily at the head of he bat determined to crush its skull before it could devour him.

The battle quickly moved outside and up the pyramid. Dadak summoned a dire bat of his own and wild shaped into a pteradon to follow Lief and try to rescue him. Kreshton too raced after them using every ability at hand to aid his companion. In the end, Leif needed little rescuing and though direly wounded, his continued beating about the head convinced the bat that it needed to let go of this tasty meal. Escape was never an option though as Dadak and his summoned bat penned the beast in on the side of the ziggurat and Leif was able to finish the bat off sending it tumbling to drop before Kreshton on the rubble below.

Though victorious, the party decided it would be wise with Leif’s wounds to head back to camp for healing. On their way back, they made note of an an interesting island with a monument on the west side of the district.

Camp Rumors:

  • The Brelish Expedition has made camp just north of the Free Captains.
  • The Emerald Claw bypassed the previously overgrown waterfall somehow and is already camped nearby.
  • The Pathfinders have reached the base of the waterfall and should be here in just a couple days. Captain Lewyn Is worried that their experience with exploration will give them the upper hand in claiming discovery of Saventh-Yhi.
  • A dragon was sighted during the night flying over the lake.

Giant Mwangi Night Bat – 4,800XP
4800 XP/3 = 1600 XP each (Dadak, Kreshton, Leif)

Dadak – 48582/51000 XP
Level 7

Kreshton – 45459/51000 XP
Level 7
Leif – 45400/51000 XP
Level 7
Chydak – 35000/51000 XP
Level 7


Bloody Saventh-Yi!

Sigh. More blood on my shirt. This time, it is monkey blood, poor things. Looks like my night will be spent with a spell or two to clean the mess. Oh! And several rents – when did those get there! Those damn monkeys certainly packed a wallop. I’m just glad I wasn’t anywhere near Leif as he stomped them into the ground. When it was over, blood flowed down him as I expect sap would. That would have given me at least another hour of work. He really has it out for them; I must remember to keep him on my good side. I don’t know what I would have done had I not been on the other side of the monkey’s lair when it all came down; they were longer a threat.

At least we finally found a little bit of treasure! I’m going to have to figure out a way to get the spell “Detect Magic”. Once he got us to Tazion Nketchi decided to return to his cave on the coast and there has been no way to determine if the treasure we are finding is magical or not. Appraising something really doesn’t cut it. And although we’ve signed up with Captain Lewin and her men, I don’t feel comfortable relying on just her. The few spells I chose to accompany my skills as a bard were really just for personal comfort. Mending, along with generous use of prestidigitation for the stains, has kept my raiment intact. Nights are much easier with my unseen servant ready to cool me off waving a fan all night. Mage hand fetches me items as I lounge at my leisure. Dancing lights can be quite entertaining and reminds me of the brightly lit halls of my youth.

Dadak’s non-expressive face – I mean any expression other than orcish ferocity – is unreadable tonight. I don’t know if he is elated or disgusted at how those monkeys were ultimately dealt with by Leif. I’m unsure if he wants to lick the blood of his enemies off him or if he desires to go jump into one of those cenotes. We both equally got ganged up on by those monkeys, although his father’s armor has come out much less mangled than my clothing has. It’s mighty impressive but I trust shiny mithral in my case – much more dashing!

I think that tomorrow we’ll have to be a bit more diligent scouting this first section of Saventh-Yi. The other factions, I’m sure, are not too far behind us. I want my name to be associated with finding this lost city, and not theirs. I’ve got a new name, after all, and I must make it known to the world.

Monkey Madness

Building on our discovery of the Azlanti sewage treatment facility, we set out to find other functioning utilities. We stumbled around a desolate section of the city, but found little of interest. After a while, we happened upon a mid-sized building, surrounded by a wood palisade and decorated with skulls. Not wishing to wishing to alarm the inhabitants, we called out a warm greeting. With no reply, I took the initiative and entered the building. It was then that we were beset by a plague of monkeys. These vile beasts run rampant in the jungle and attempt to terrorize all good men of the world. Their incessant shrieking and unpleasant disposition are an affront to the refined culture that the Azlanti brought to the Mwangi. Though these monkeys weren’t screechers, they still demonstrated a complete lack of civility. Attacking and retreating, they implemented a strategy of cowardice. My feelings towards them all is plain to see. I cannot tolerate their despoiling of this once glorious place. They must all receive death… and I will be the one to give it to them.

These hairy creatures pervade the peace that my tree brethren once enjoyed. Unwelcome visitors, they cling to every branch and bough as if all plants exist for them to lounge upon. And here, a large tree has rooted itself at the center of this ruin. It’s majestic canopy soars overhead like an umbrella for this once proud structure. I know the monkeys are nesting up there. I seek them out and destroy them all. The bright shine of my Elysium Bronze is dulled by their disgusting blood. It is easily wiped clean.

What's the Kech?

Far, the 20th of Vult
With the camp settling down, the party was ready to head into the city proper. Captain Lewyn tasked the party with entering the city to make sure that areas were safe for her scholars to study identify any locations of interest, and begin collecting artifacts for study.

The party decided to start with the district south of camp. The began by working their way methodically through the buildings along one of the main thoroughfares. A short way in after looking through a few empty buildings, the adventurers found a low, single-story building surrounded by a forest of sharp stakes on which were impaled numerous small simian skulls.

Dadak and Kreshton were attempting to communicate with the inhabitants of the building, when Leif decided to enter the building. Immediately, six simian creatures jumped down from hiding amongst the vines on the roof of the building. The adventurers fought off the first wave, killing some and chasing off others, but not before one of the keches managed to rend deeply into Kreshton.


As the entire party entered the building, wave after wave of the feral simians attacked the party with many of them focusing on the wounded swashbuckler. The party was undaunted and though the clever keches learned quickly to avoid getting near the heavily armed and armored Leif. The adventurers managed to stick close together and soon the keches had all been dispatched or scared away.

Kreshton and Dadak took the time provided by the respite to begin exploring the interior of the building, but Leif was a plant on a mission. After determining that the monkey men were no longer going to attack them within the building, Leif set about tracking down the keches that had escaped to the roof of the building.

Alone , Leif climbed to the roof and was instantly set upon by more of the keches. Unfortunately for the Keches, the heavily armored Leif was ear impossible for them to hurt. Despite their best efforts, they could neither wound Leif, nor remove him from the roof. Leif on the other hand had no problem dispatching one after another. With the outcome clear, some of the Keches abandoned their home and tried to make a break for it. Carrying a number of small bundles they ran from the Warrior.

Even in this though, the adventurers were able to foil the best efforts of the keches. With a timely warning from Leif, Dadak was able to block the escaping monkey men, though he held his attack when he saw that the bundles they were carrying were infant keches. Kreshton too took mercy on the creature choosing to let it run off and spare the babies. No mercy was to be had from Leif though, and with a determined effort every last kech, adult and child alike, was terminated by the ruthless warrior.

Though saddened by the slaughter, the other members of the party were mollified by the knowledge that they had eliminated a serious threat to the explorers that would follow them. They continued to search the building and the rooftop nest and came across a small cache of valuables hidden away by the keches.

20 Keches – 16,000XP
16000 XP/3 = 5,333 XP each (Dadak, Kreshton, Leif)

Dadak – 46982/51000 XP
Level 7

Kreshton – 43859/51000 XP
Level 7
Leif – 43800/51000 XP
Level 7
Chydak – 35000/51000 XP
Level 7

small vial of liquid (Abjuration aura)
Jar of oinment (Conjuration aura)
wand (Enchantment aura)

bronze armband
crystal decanter
black jade idol of a bloated frog demon
silver medallion depicting a discus thrower
76 gp, 405 sp, and 858 cp

First Discovery
Saventh Water District

Zor, the 19th of Vult
The expedition finally arrived, and while they were unpacking, the adventurers explored the 3 long rectangular pools of water near the lake. After spending most of the day here they determined that this was a water treatment facility that processed the waste water of the city before sending it down stream. When fully operational, the facility could also be used to manage the outflow of the lake to maintain a constant water level.

The explorers also briefly examined the Triumphal Stair north of the pools. In the waning light, Dadak thought he saw someone in Khorvairen attire dash of into the jungle to the north west.

XP and Loot:

Discovery of the Water Treatment Facility – 400XP + 1DP

400 XP/3 = 133 XP each (Dadak, Kreshton, Leif)

Dadak – 41649/51000 XP
Level 7

Kreshton – 38526/51000 XP
Level 7
Leif – 38467/51000 XP
Level 7
Chydak – 35000/51000 XP
Level 7


A Day of Rest

Wir the 18th of Vult
The party spent the day recovering from their battle with the ghost of Nareem Daress. A runner arrived at the camp to let them know that the Expedition was only a day away and complain of Pteranodons.


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