Serpent's Skull in Eberron

Alton Devers' Log 3
There's gnome place like home
Sar the 28th of Therendor 1002 YK

So much more pleasant than Krag, , Lorghalen is still nothing compared to the Nothern Lhazaar Islands. Heh, I must be getting homesick. I never would have become a sailor if Regalport was that great a place to live.

A wisecracking gnome got on board at Lorghalen and has already become quite a hit with the crew, especially Marco. He’s not making any friends among the other passengers though, as they have so far been the butt of his caustic humor. He’s going to be with us all the way to Stormreach. I worry that he’ll wear out his welcome long before we get there.

Captain Kovack is cracking down on the crew as hard as ever. He insists that it’s our lack of discipline rather than his navigating that has kept us from making up time.

-From the Log of Alton Devers, First mate of the Jenivere

Alton Devers' Log 2
From this Rocky Port
Far the 20th of Therendor 1002 YK

After only 2 days of back tracking this time, Krag was as ugly and unwelcoming a place as I’ve ever seen. I almost wish we had just continued on to Lorghalen. It is gladly left behind us now. It’s amazing that anyone would want live on a desolate rock like that, but I guess noone can tell a dwarf where to live . . . and no one cares to as long as they stay underground.

I thought that the captain would tell me more about the man he’s got locked up in the aft passenger cabin, rather the ‘Brig’ as Captain Kovack has taken to calling it, but he’s adamant that I need to just leave that one alone except for bringing him his meals and taking out his night soil. I won’t even go into the chewing out he gave me when I tried to have the cabin boy take care of the night soil. Maybe being first mate isn’t quite the promotion I thought it was.

-From the log of Alton Devers, First mate of the Jenivere.
Alton Devers' Log 1
The Ship Sets Sail
Mol the 9th of Therendor 1002 YK

Well, we finally got out of Regalport this morning, almost a week behind schedule. Captain Kovack knows what he’s doing though, and he says he can make up the time. This is my 4th year on his ship and I trust him, but I really hope he doesn’t try to find the faster currents out in the Dragonreach again. It cost us 3 days of back tracking against the wind and currents when he overshot Krag the last time he did that.

This trip he’s promoted me to first mate. Jons, his previous first, signed on with a Windwrights ship. Sold his soul to the elves if you ask me. As first mate, I get the honour of taking care of this year crop of passengers, including a quiet Cyran woman who hasn’t come out of her cabin since she got on board, and a old scribe that was brought on board in shackles isn’t to be allowed out of his cabin until we get to Stormreach. The captain has asked me to take care of their needs during the trip.

-From the Log of Alton Devers, First mate of the Jenivere
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