Serpent's Skull in Eberron

Day 3 on Smuggler's Shiv
Where Dadak decides to taunt the local wildlife
Zol the 3rd of Lharvion 1002YK

By day 3 on Smuggler’s Shiv, our castaways felt prepared to start a more serious exploration of their surroundings. Starting, of course, with searching the wrecked ship that Joffa had spotted the day before. They set the other castaways to various jobs around the camp, and Joffa, Kreshton, Dadak, and Pol went on their way.

Without Sasha to lead the way, traveling was slowed despite Joffa having been this way before. Being overconfident and incautious, Joffa stumbled across a large snake sunning itself on a rock. In a moment of panic, Joffa quickly fired off an Eldritch blast, singeing the rock beside the snake. Disturbed by the party’s noisy passage through the jungle and upset by the blast of energy at its side, the snake lunged at Joffa. Joffa dodged quickly out of the way of the strike. Kreshton was quick to aide his companion and flung an axe at the snake, cleaving deep into its body. Pol and Dadak also joined the fray as Joffa withdrew to a safer distance. Dadak menaced the snake viciously with his club, and Pol struck it soundly with his mind blade. In retribution, the snake managed to sink a fang into Pol’s arm, but luckily Pol was able to fight off the effects of the poison coursing into him. Joffa finally finished the serpent off with a blast to its head.

The party continued their reckless, crashing way through the jungle and made it to the shipwreck without further incident. At the ship, with it’s figurehead of a tattooed woman, Dadak found tracks of some large animal that seemed to be using the husk of the ship for shelter. He decided to bang on the hull with his club to flush what he believed to be an Eurypterid out of hiding. Dadak succeeded in sending the beast fleeing through the hull of the ship, straight toward an unsuspecting Joffa. Luckily, Kreshton saw the eurypterid as it was exiting and called out to Joffa in warning, proceeded to once again do his best impersonation of eurypterid food. The eurypterid, unable to resist the tasting looking morsel, quickly ran up and clawed Kreshton’s leg. Dadak and Pol rushed to get to the other side of the wreck and join the battle. Dadak ran around the ship and Pol climbed over the hull. Joffa took good advantage of the distraction by blasting the eurypterid from behind.

Kreshton, seeing the success of his ‘live bait’ tactic, continued to wave ineffectively at the crustacean with his rapier. Wanting to savor it’s delicious treat, the eurypterid struck Kreshton with both claws and its tail, but gently enough to keep its prey alive and fresh as long as possible. Dadak then ran up beside Kreshton, and made sure to once again do his best to scare an animal as it is killed by his friends. Pol jumped down from atop the hull of the ship and struck at the beast, but to no avail. Joffa, though, once again took full advantage and blasted the animal in the back. Kreshton, finally realizing the flaw in his plan, struck again with his rapier. This time his aim was true and he landed the final mortal blow on the beast.

Continuing their search of the wreck, the party found no further resistance, but only managed to recover a small jeweled dagger from a half buried skeleton, and salvage the parts to make a working block and tackle. The party then returned to castaway beach and the Jenivere, and managed to recover a couple barrels using their newly found block and tackle. They then returned to camp and once again set watch for the night.

Building a Camp
Kreshton Checks In

Mol the 2nd of Lharvion 1002YK
As dawn arrives, it’s clear that the group’s attempts build shelter in the waning light the previous night were not sufficient, and more will need to be done to establish shelter and protection. Chydak had already decided these newcomers were useless to him the night before after knocking down a few of their rudimentary attempts to build shelter, so he wandered off to continue to fend for himself for a while. Then some late night rains and a subsequent collapse of more shelters destroyed most of the little progress they had made.

Pol began the day with a meditation exercise while Joffa proceeded to talk with each of the other passengers in turn, evaluating their usefulness in helping the group to survive. While his manner is brusque, the others are glad that Joffa seems to be taking charge, and all but Gelik, who is treated especially rudely, agree to help out if they can. Jask was in surprisingly good spirits and promised that he would be glad to help, if they would just get him out of his manacles. None of the other castaways obliged him.

Meanwhile, Dadak and Kreshton decided to explore the nearby wilderness. Kreshton headed off in search of a good place to set up a defensible camp and managed to find a decent spot not too far from the beach. Dadak on the other hand, spent the next 4 hours trying to “familiarize himself with the jungle”. The others wisely decided not to consider what that might be an euphemism for. While he was wandering, Dadak was amazed by the life of the jungle. While his homelands were also full of life, the sheer variety and abundance of this jungle is astounding to him. Everywhere life grows and competes and thrives in an startlingly aggressive but beautiful balance. Dadak found that his reverence for nature had been renewed and he resolved to deepen his understanding of this natural world and learn to become a part of it.

Back at the beach, Pol had finished his meditation and began to help Kreshton as they cleared the new campground and organized supplies to be moved. Dadak eventually returned and lent his hand to the task of building the new camp. along with Shiruu and Aerys, while Jask and Gelik sat in the shade of a tree nearby.

Joffa having completed his interviews, took Sasha with him to start exploring the island in earnest. They headed east and by following the ridge line along the coast were able to make it to the western tip of the peninsula a little after mid day. The trip was uneventful but they managed to note the location of a wrecked ship on the north coast of the island, and Sasha was very intrigued with the dimorphodons that they saw flying over the ocean at the west end of the island. During their return trip, ship told Joffa that she would absolutely love to have one of the dimorphodons. She is certain that she would be able to train it, and promises that if Joffa could help her catch one, she would be able to control it.

Late into the day, after completing the set up of camp, Kreshton, Pol and Dadak decided to put the fishing nets from the Jenivere to good use. Kreshton knows how to use these nets from his short career as a sailor, and Dadak proved his expertise at locating fish in the ocean shallows. Working together the three of them managed to catch enough food to feed the group for the next day, conserving their limited supply of rations. Joffa and Sasha return to the beach while they were fishing, and they all headed back to camp for the night.

Back at camp the unattended castaways raided the stockpile of supplies. Aerys was finally in better spirits, and it quickly became apparent as to why when Dadak found an empty brandy bottle while looking for something to hold water. Pol also notices that Jask has managed to find something and had it poorly hidden under his torn shirt. Already suspicious of the manacled man, Pol warned Joffa that Jask should be searched for weapons.

After a heated debate, the group decided that despite the risk, Jask would be of more use unmanacled. After removing the manacles, Joffa allows Jask to collect his belongings and change into the leather armor found in the Captain’s quarters. He noticed that the glint of metal Pol had seen on Jask was the holy symbol of Aureon that they had found with those belongings. Grateful for being released, Jask tended to some of Joffa’s wounds. The group then set watch and bedded down for the night.

The watches were uneventful, but during their watch, Shiruu approached Pol to sound him out about the prospect of doing a little treasure hunting while they were figuring out how to get off the island. Shiruu confessed to having a few maps that showed the location of hidden treasures. He believed one of them may be on the Shiv. Pol agreed to give the maps a look on the following night and that Shiruu would get a fair share of anything found.

Stranded on Smuggler's Shiv - Part 2
Survivor: Xen'Drik
Sul the 1st of Lharvion 1002YK – Early Morning

After defeating the local crustaceans, the castaways begin to assess their surroundings. They find that they have been stranded on an island that Kreshton believes to be the infamous Smuggler’s Shiv with all of the other passengers from the Jenivere except for Ieana, the Cyran scholar. None of the crew is present, but all of their belongings have been hastily stacked on the beach nearby. It’s obvious to some of them that the captain has betrayed them and deliberately put them ashore on a notoriously dangerous island while they slept . . . with all of their stuff.

The captain has paid dearly for this betrayal, though, as the castaways soon notice the wreckage of the Jenivere smashed upon some cliffs nearby. After a quick meal of Eurypterid and fruit, they head off to investigate.

Nearby, Chydak, a jungle goblin, spies on the castaways from the rocks. Having been stranded on the islands recently as well, he hopes that they might be useful in finding a way off the island. Fatigued and ill from his own trials of the past week, he managed to sleep through whatever events brought these strangers to the Shiv. He continues to watch as they head out to the wreck of a ship, one that was not there the day before.

Joffa, Pol, Dadak and Kresthon traverse the rocky outcropping upon which the Jenivere has been stranded. Slipping only once, much to the amusement of Chydak, the party makes it to the ship unharmed. Once on board, the distrustful group quickly go their separate ways.

Joffa heads to the stern of the ship, then the rigging to look for survivors and supplies.
Dadak raids the Captain’s quarters, hoping to find maps and loot.
Pol goes to the partially flooded cargo deck in search of food and drink.
Kreshton stops at the passenger deck in hopes of finding clues to the cause of their predicament.

Kreshton immediately comes upon another Eurypterid, one much larger than the ones fought earlier. Having been denied the opportunity for action in the earlier conflict, and seeing how easily the others were dispatched, Kreshton decides to face the beast alone.

After a few mishaps and then exchanging light hits with the beast, Kreshton finally strikes a solid blow, but leaves himself exposed to a viscious strike from the Eurypterid’s tail. Feeling an excruciating pain and the throbbing of the stinger injecting poison into him, Kreshton finally concedes that he may be overmatched and makes a hasty retreat to the top deck. The others in the party drawn by the sound of conflict, quickly move in to confront the Eurypterid. Unable to follow its previous prey, the now trapped Euypterid lashes out at Dadak, and though missing, manages to keep Dadak from finding his footing for a few seconds. Pol takes advantage of the brief distraction to cleave mightily through the beast with a blade of pure energy to end the fight.

Meanwhile, above deck, Chydak has finally revealed himself and decides to come to Kreshton’s aid. In spite of its foul smell, the concoction that Chydak uses revives Kreshton and allows him the dignity of consciousness, despite the waves of weakness spreading from his wounded shoulder.

After a few minutes to collect themselves, the party continues to search the ship. They find a trail of blood leading to Alton Dever’s body, with his sword in hand, in a storage room. The party comes to the conclusion that Alton died fighting the Eurypterid that had been banging at the door to the storage room. Below, in the Cargo, they find the remains of Rambar, the ship’s cook. Dadak recognizes his wounds as being similar to those a very large snake might inflict.

The party sets about gathering food and supplies from the ship and also gather the remaining contents of the captain’s cabin. Facing a nearly high tide while returning, much of the party falls into the water on their last trip to dry land. While no party member is hurt badly, some of their precious new found supplies are lost. The party returns to the beach with the supplies and Chydak in tow.

Stranded on Smuggler's Shiv - Part 1
Survivor: Xen'Drik
Sul the 1st of Lharvion 1002YK

After bedding down early one night at Sea, the passengers of the Jenivere wake find themselves stranded on an unknown beach on a desert island. The burly Dadak is the first to wake, as a small crustacean attempts to make a meal of him. Dadak quickly scurries away and sees that the other passengers of the Jenivere are on the beach with him along with 3 of the small crustaceans. The other passengers begin to wake as the Eurypterids continue their curious and hungry probing.

Joffa is the next to wake and unlike the groggy orc is quick to action attempting to fry the closest Eurypterid with an Eldritch blast. The glancing blow causes the Eurypterid to start emiting a loud bussing sound that quickly draws the other crustaceans to its aid. They all attack the warlock, but his quick reflexes keep him one step ahead of them. Meanwhile Dadak has noticed piles of their belongings nearby and runs to find a weapon.

With all the commotion, Pol has woken from his stupor as well. Assessing the situation, he quickly begins to try to wake the other people lying on the beach. Joffa now under attack by 3 of the Eurypterids, manages to fry the first of the Eurypterids, but the other continue to press their attack, one of them catching his foot briefly with one of it’s pincers. Dadak searches briefly for his club or a club, but settles for grabbing a short sword that is nearby. Kreshton finally begins to wake, but despite a rush of adrenaline, finds it difficult to over come the effects of the previous night. Pol contues to attempt to wake nearby passengers.

Joffa sends another Eldritch blast at one of the creatures and connects. The Eurypterid is undaunted though and continues its attack, again giving the cat a strong pinch. Dadak finally charges into the fray clouting the other remaining Eurypterid from behind. Pol runs up and subdues the beast with his fist. Joffa finally finishes off the other Eurypterid as Dadak stabs the subdued one to make sure it will bother them no more.

more to come
Alton Devers' Log 11
The fearful crew

Far the 28th of Nymm
The captain has been acting strangly. He’s spent way too much time looking through our maps of Shargon’s Teeth, and has spent at least a few hours every night since we left Sharn with Ieana. He’s completely ignoring the rest of the passengers and crew, except to yell at us when something goes wrong. Rumors are of course flying at this point with Marco spreadig the worst of them, and it’s all I can do to keep the crew in line and the passengers from getting nervous. At least Rambar has kept a level head, and, as long as everyone gets fed three meals a day, we should be able to weather this til we get to Stormreach.

I’ll talk to the Captain before he beds down tonight and make sure he has no plans to head into the Teeth. We’re almost around them at this point anyway, I can’t see a good cause to try to cut corners now.

-From the Log of Alton Devers, First mate of the Jenivere

Alton Devers' Log 10
The weather started getting rough
Sul the 22nd of Nymm

Well this last leg of our journey looks to be not only the longest, but the most trying as well.

Ieana has been spending more time in the Captain’s cabin, not just meals, but once stayed late into the night. Marco claims he heard them in the throes of passion. It’d be just like him to be listening for that. He says the noises she made were almost inhuman.

I’ve heard Jask sobbing in his cabin almost everyday when I come to feed him. He always composes himself by the time I open the door, but I’m worried for him. I can’t imagine why a simple scribe would need this kind of treatment.

The other day, Sasha was helping out the crew again, and apparently her shirt slipped a little revailing a tattoo on her back. She covered it quickly, but not before a couple of the crew got a glimpse of it. Since then, the crews been whispering about the Order of Emerald Claw and avoiding her when their on deck. They won’t even let her help out with the work any more. They’ve resorted to letting Kreshton help out in her stead, at least the man’s willing to get his hands dirty. Maybe I’ve misjudged him.

I think Shiruu offended Aerys. She’s retreated back to her cabin again, and one of the crew said that they noticed the goblin staring at her whenever she was on deck.

Gelik and the fop almost came to blows this morning over breakfast. I don’t think the dandy likes having someone around with a faster tongue than his. Luckly Joffa made a comment that had them both laughing and difused the situation.

Mysti k’Phish, the elven bard, left the ship. He didn’t give a reason, but without his song, and with the reminder of the other elves leaving, the crew is as nervous as ever about this run to Stormreach.

We’ve picked up a young student who seems polite enough, but he gives me the creeps, and an orc of all things. I thought those things stuck to their swamps and trees. It puts us back to a full load of passengers, but I wish the captain were just a bit more discriminating.

The captain had me go looking for any new maps of Shargon’s Teeth. He’s talked of trying to navigate the Teeth before, but I before this trip, I never believed he meant it. Luckily, we found nothing that offered new information, and he’s set us on a course to go around them.

I think I’m as nervous now as the rest of the crew.

-From the Log of Alton Devers, First mate of the Jenivere

Alton Devers' Log 9
Trolololololanport - portents and tides
Zol the 10th of Nymm

All the elves have left us now except for the bard. I’ve never thought them a superstitious lot, but they spoke of ill omens and an evil presence when they told captain they were leaving the ship. Hardly good for crew morale this far from home. At least the crew can get their bunks back, as goblin and Sir SwiftTongue have thankfully been moved up with the passengers.

Jask seems troubled too. The other morning when I went to bring him his breakfast, I found him lying on the floor with his clothes torn and hands bloodied. I tried to speak to him of it, despite the captain’s admonishments, but he just stayed quiet and ate his food. The captain of course yelled at me for spending so much time in his cabin, and refuses even to let me offer the man a change of clothes.

Ieana on the other hand, actually spent some time out of her cabin in the past few days. I’d almost forgotten she was on board. She had dinner with the Captain the night before we hit Trolanport. Aerys as well has seemed to spend a little more time out of her cabin. She spent that time mostly just staring out to the ocean. Almost as if she’s looking for something out there on the horizon, and with a longing that well . . . I wonder what she’s loooking for.

-From the Log of Alton Devers, First mate of the Jenivere

Alton Devers' Log 8
Brimming with enthusiasm
Zol the 3th of Nymm

The winds were with us the whole way from Aerenal, and we finally have reached a port ahead of schedule. Captain Kovack has of course taken this as a sign that he could load the ship down a bit more. Not only have we added our cargo from Darguun that was forwarded here, but a worn looking hobgoblin and Kreshton, a foppish bragart that pretends to be a sailor, have boarded the ship. The hobgoblin appantly had booked passage with our agent in Darguun, so we have had to fit him in. The other offered to hire on to the crew to get passage to Xen’Drik. The captain turned him down, but he must have offered the Captain something else, because he’s on board as a passenger now, though both of him and the hobgoblin are bunking down on the crew deck. Of course this means a couple of the crew are grumbling about having to move their bunks to cargo.

I almost feel sorry for the dandy though. The man speaks of nothing but adventure and how wonderful Xen’Drik is. He’s going to be woefully dissapointed when he faces the reality of Stormreach and it’s colonial government. The only people that they let head out on any real adventures are the large expiditions wealthy enough to grease the palms of the officials and pay their unreasonable tariffs on any artifacts brought back from inside Xen’Drik.

-From the Log of Alton Devers, First mate of the Jenivere

Alton Devers' Log 7
Fully Loaded
Zol the 18th of Dravago

Gelik didn’t bother entertaining us this time in port, so we were stuck listening to Marco tell us all how he’s going to bed himself an elven maiden on the way home this year. You’d think after the way Aerys took him down he’d have a little more self control. Rambar quickly reminded about the last time he made a pass at an elven woman, and told him him that he is as like to get himself killed before he beds any maiden, elven or otherwise.

As luck would have it though, the waiting finally payed off for Captain Kovack. A group of five elves boarded the ship heading for Xen’drik. The passenger deck has become quite crowded now. At least we have a full load of paying passengers now, and meal times have become quite lively with that bard the elves brought with them.

-From the Log of Alton Devers, First mate of the Jenivere

Alton Devers' Log 6
The calm before the more calm
Sul the 4th of Dravago

We’ve finally reach a port on schedule, so of course the Captain takes the time gained and immediately squanders it. He’s decided to stay a couple extra days in Shae Thoridor. Why we’re staying in port so long I’ll never know. All our business was done on the first day, but the captain says that it gives us the opportunity to pickup an extra passenger or two, He hates running light on cargo or passengers. Of course it’s waste of time the few elves that want to business with us get it done quickly and are gone.

Gelik has been the only highlight at this bleak port. He’s kept the crew laughing. Mostly at the elves working on the wharf. Certainly hasn’t made us any friends around here, but that wasn’t likely anyway. Well, to be fair, Sasha is pleasant to be around as well. She’s been quick to lend a hand on deck lately, and seems almost a completely different woman than the one that boarded in Q’Barra.

The half-elf, Aerys Mavato, on the other hand has gone from bad to worse. The only time she seems to come out of her cabin is to grab some food or a couple bottles. I’ve tried to assure her that no one blames her for what happened with Marco, but it seems like the more friendly I am toward her, the more she wants to be left alone.

-From the Log of Alton Devers, First mate of the Jenivere


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