The Last Defender


Requirements To successfully wield The Last Defender to its fullest potential, a character must fulfill the following requirements.
Task: Kill 10 serpents or serpent folk per shield level*
Feats: Shield Specialization (Tower Shield)

Weapon Level Wielder Minimum Level Abilities
1st +1 tower shield
2nd 4th Detect Serpents (3/day)
3rd 6th Serpent Taunt
4th 8th +2 grinding tower shield
5th 10th ?
6th 12th ?
7th 14th ?
8th 16th ?
9th 18th ?
10th 20th ?

Detect Serpents
Works as most detect spells to detect serpents and serpent folk within range. Range is determined by shield level. Also provides the passive ability that the bearer of the shield can not be caught flat footed by a melee attack from any serpent or serpentfolk.

Serpent Taunt
Once per day the bearer of the shield may use the shield to taunt every hostile serpent or serpentfolk within 60 feet who can see the bearer. Each such creature must make a DC 16 Will saving throw to avoid suffering an overwhelming compulsion to attack the bearer for a umber of rounds equeal to the Shield level. If the creature is unable to attack the bearer on its next turn, or attacking the bearer would put the creature at risk (moving through a threatened square, charging into a pit, and so on) it can act normally that turn. This is a mind-affecting effect and has no effect no non-serpent creatures.

*To count toward the Task, the creature killed must be of at least the same level as shield. If creature is is at least double the level, it counts as 2 kills, and quadruple counts as 3, etc. Creature must be killed within 30 ft of the shield.


The stone mural around this monument depicts 7 Shield bearers defending a force of Azlanti warriors from hordes of Serpents and serpentfolk.

One of seven such shields made, Saventh’s Defenders were each crafted from a scale of the fallen serpent god Ydersius. These shields were imbued with great power and given to an elite troop of Saventh-Yhi guards tasked with eradicating the threat of the serpentfolk who remained in the vicinity of the newly founded city and protecting the city from any future threat.


The Last Defender

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