A Student from Morgrave University


5’ 9" tall 20 year-old human
Brown hair and eyes
Attractive in a slightly effeminate way
Wears a mystic looking robe which is lavishly decorated with arcane symbols; looks expensive
Exercises (similar to tai chi), meditates and studies often-usually on deck


This adventurous young student from Morgrave University is off to spend a season or two abroad studying in Xen’Drik. He seems eager to learn more about his fellow travelers.

He spends several hours a day on deck meditating or quietly studying one of his books. When spoken to he is engaging but there is an awkwardness about him that takes some getting used to. He is stubborn when dealing with people or issues that do not follow his view of reason or order, and this can make getting along with him difficult if someone is stubborn enough to play irresistible force to his immovable object. Oh, and dont discuss theology with him unless you would like a dissertation on something called the Path of Light.


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