Serpent's Skull in Eberron

This Is Not Yarzoth

Sar, the 7th of Vult

A serpentfolk lies dead at our feet, but he is not Yarzoth the priestess we fought on Smuggler’s Shiv six months ago. This disturbs me. I felt sure that we would encounter her here in Tazion. Perhaps she has the fourth stone we need to operate this magical device which will show us where Saventh-Yi is. This guy doesn’t look like he had any luck. Maybe we need to search his belongings more. I was looking forward to defeating Yarzoth’s plans, whatever they were.

This guy was tough to kill and I enjoyed trading blows with him in our contest of arms. Yarzoth was just as tough, although she was able to get away and we didn’t end up killing her. He was quite a strong mage and the spells he flung about were deadly. It looked like he singled me out for a while there and really wanted to kill just me, and no one else. His slitted eyes had an aura of madness and anger. I wonder what he was doing here? Did Yarzoth leave him here to lay in wait for anyone following her? Was he trying to find Saventh-Yi himself? What is his relationship with the apemen infesting Tazion? Hey, nice cloak, I wonder if it will fit me?

Even before the battle, most of us were battered and drained. That floral-plant-creature we fought earlier, not to mention those damn leeches, took quite a bit out of my constitution, leaving me weak and compromising my breathing. Dadak was affected some, as well. And now, after the fight against this latest serpentfolk, even Pol is poisoned. Still, we’re better off than Ja’Redd. N’Ketchi says he will be able to do something for us in the morning once he communes with Gozrah, but even then there is nothing he can do for him. Because of the doubts I have about Ja’Redd, I hesitate to remind Dadak of the resurrection scroll we found as treasure on Smuggler’s Shiv that he keeps in his haversack. Since Ja’Redd joined us in Kalabuto I’ve noticed some things he’s tried hard to keep hidden. He’s tried to keep hidden his use of poison on his crossbow bolts a time or two and their effects match the poison used by those assassins in Kalabuto; the assassins that almost killed me! Although it was dark when I fell, I recall them using punching daggers like the one Ja’Redd used. I may be wrong, but I don’t think so. Also, I worry that he is a spy for another faction.

Be as it may, Saventh-Yi must be close. We need to recover the last stone and make this damn contraption work. There are still battles in front of me, I am ready!

—From the log of Kreshton Rel’Astra


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