Serpent's Skull in Eberron

There’s Gotta Be More

Not Done

That was anticlimactic. We found an obvious laboratory with an obvious magical device that contains green goo of the exact same color of what we found in several monsters in Saventh-Yhi. Not to mention, we just found brains in green goo in the magical device. It is obvious someone has made some evil experiment and removed the brains and put them in the device. For what reason, who knows. One thing I do know is: there is no way that the stupid derhi could have been the mastermind behind all this! Sure, we found him alone in the laboratory, but derhi are shock troops belonging to the Monkey King’s army, not brainiacs! Certainly, of everything we know about derhi, they are certainly NOT magic users or capable of creating Black Tentacles.

Maybe the Monkey King is behind all this? No, that can’t be it. We found Ivohagen, the leader of the Aspis Camp, had this green goo in his head long before the Monkey King and his troops arrived in Saventh-Yhi. If I recall correctly, one of those bogards also had a missing brain. That Bush-Devil wasn’t very smart, I don’t expect that it could be the instigator. There was a chaaru-ki with the green goo, but it was protecting the vault like a good minion would by following orders. That means that there is still someone giving out the orders, but where is he?!

We’ve seen a lot of strange stuff since we entered Saventh-Yhi. Hell, our companion is literally a walking, talking tree for Olladra’s sake! There is no doubt that the Monkey King is very intelligent. Serpent folk have been drawn here and we’ve chased some of them off. I think that this is a whole new thing. Something is going far beyond normal means to control Saventh-Yhi.

But, right now, I think it would be best if we took this contraption apart. Some of it looks quite valuable! If we break it, maybe any other creature who’s brain has been removed will just die and save me the trouble of. Not to mention, we’ve searched the rest of the vault and still haven’t found the crystals we need to open the portal. Maybe in these rags… hmmm. Wha? I just noticed something strange out of the corner of my eye but when I look directly, it was gone. Ollandra! Some force of will just tried to overcome mine! Good thing I drank that protection from evil potion a bit ago, although, I think the potion’s effects will be running out in a few seconds and I don’t have another potion! Crap! Dadak and I need to get out of here!


gdapkus BraulioB

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