Serpent's Skull in Eberron

The Tale of I-Da-Dak, Slayer of the Green God

During the night, the humans sleep and I grow restless. In the past, I would visit the island of the Pathfinders and kill serpents for them. However, the serpents have ceased to surface lately. So, with another day of nothing to do, I invited I-Da-Dak to join me on patrol. I would have invited Iyum-Kreshton, but he wasn’t in the mood to do anything but talk. Still, I-Da-Dak was enough of a boon that I could patrol further afield, into the dangerous quarters of the city. Therefore, I took him with me to the wild, unpacified farming district. We encountered an abandoned campsite, but I-Da-Dak was itching for a fight and wanted to skip any investigation. I appreciated the emergence of his warrior spirit and suggested we ascend the ziggurat to get our bearings.

As we approached the pyramid, we heard a chorus of croaks being emitted from the top. I advised I-Da-Dak to take flight and blast any hostiles with lightning bolts. However, his warrior spirit remained strong, and he opted to stay of foot to meet any enemies in melee. I was both surprised and impressed. Trying to take advantage of his newfound bravery, I rushed up the steps of the spire mound. As I neared the top, a frog man gestured sternly at us. I attempted to establish communications, but he wasn’t interested. With little hope of dialogue, I slowly ascended the last few steps, I-Da-Dak by my side.

Reaching the top, we saw a familiar view. A large, rectangular plaza with a tall spire projecting from the middle. The unusual additions were a dozen or so frog men, croaking a chorus at the behest of their leader. Still hoping to establish positive intent, we moved in closer to mingle our personal space. To our horror, a monstrous beast leapt upon the far side of the plaza. It appeared like a common toad, but larger than a treant and with tentacles spawning from its’ back. Certainly nothing the commander ever told me about could prepare me for this terrible sight. The great beast moved forward and immediately swallowed an unlucky frog man that had stumbled in its’ path. Seeing that it could swallow a man whole, I knew I was ill-prepared to win this fight. But, thanks to the beasts indiscriminate tastes, I figured I could use the remaining frog men to my advantage. I told I-Da-Dak to fly away and blast the creature from the air. Meanwhile, I mixed in with the frog men to use them as shields against their gods’ voracious appetite.

And so, the fight began. The leader of the frog men seemed capable of communicating with his god and they both seemed intent on harming us. I-Da-Dak ordered his cat to run away and he transformed himself into an air elemental. Following my instruction, he fired a lightning bolt at the green god, but it appeared to have no effect. Dismayed, I-Da-Dak opted to summon creatures to aid in the fight. A menagerie of beings assembled over the next few minutes and harried our enemy. It seemed like they might turn the battle in our favour, but I sensed victory could break our grasp. I recollected the story of the commander and the cyclops. Her desperate charge against a superior enemy did little damage, but upset the balance, and sealed the giants fate. With her memory firmly rooted in my mind, I moved to flank the great beast. Swinging the commanders’ morningstar wildly, I managed to make contact but did little damage. However, just as in the story, this was a pivotal moment that sealed the green gods’ fate. Surrounded and beaten down by I-Da-Dak’s minions, the green god could take no more abuse, and croaked. The frog men looked on in stunned horror. When we turned our attention to them, they fled into the lake below and were not seen again. I-Da-Dak Orc, had become I-Da-Dak Godslayer.


gdapkus MMM

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