Serpent's Skull in Eberron

The Race Continues

Zor, the 12th of Vult

Having discovered the path to Saventh-Yhi, the party then spent the some days securing the outpost of Tazion while awaiting the arrival of the Free Captain’s expedition. The party spent their time chasing off any remaining charau-ka and securing the ancient ruins. During this time, Chydak once again wanders off into the jungle seeking alchemical supplies, Pol received a message from home that forced him to abandon his quest and return to his homeland, and Kreshton and Dadak uncovered an crumbled guard tower with a strange figure still standing sentry.

Dadak and Kreshton spoke at length with this sentient plant in ancient but well kept armor. In the end the warrior Leif decided to join them on their journey to Saventh-Yhi hoping to find the Azlanti that left him so long ago or at least some serpent folk to slay.

Finally the long awaited expedition arrives at Tazion, and plans are made for the final leg to Saventh-Yhi.


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