Serpent's Skull in Eberron

The Hidden City

Race To Ruin

Kreshton’s Epilogue for Racing To Ruin

Mol, the 9th of Vult

I headed towards the last pillar and placed the moonstone in the socket, just like the unspoken directions had shown me, and stepped back. The wonder on Dadak’s face, standing beside me, matched my own as we held our breath to what would come. We waited as the sun began to set over the jungle-claimed city of Tazion.

The sun shone through the southern opening and struck the first stone in the first column. Three beams of light projected by that first stone struck the other three columns in turn and were directed into the air in the center of the chamber. A large hazy image appeared showing an ancient city which in its prime may have been marvelous to see, but now, all it showed was crumbling ziggurats and vine-choked buildings around a central lake. The city lay in some hidden valley and I could not make heads or tails of where it may be. Fortunately, Dadak was busy making notes and committing to memory what we saw. I knew he would be much better than I at navigating this tangled jungle of Xen’Drik so I left him to his work as I began to look back at the short time since we escaped the isle of Smuggler’s Shiv and began his new journey.

Castaways no more, we sailed into the bustling port of Stormreach. Our first stop off the island was to clear the name of our fellow castaway, Jask. The papers we found on one of the poor wrecked ships around Smuggler’s Shiv took care of that easily and the group, minus a suddenly absent Joffa, found lodgings to rest. Soon enough, word of our adventures on that miserable isle brought the other former castaways to visit us, each on behalf of their perspective factions, with requests to see what notes we had found in the hidden Azlanti temple we had raided. In the end, we joined with the Lazar Shackle Princes’ faction to head their caravan into the jungles of Xen’Drik and the quest to find the lost city of Tazion. In need of a guide, we arranged the services of N’Ketchi, a priest of Gozrah, who led us under a wight filled mine, to a village in need of assistance to kill the creatures raiding them, then across a field with hidden dangers below and finally to the town of Kalabuto. After my poor showing, and near death, in Kalabuto, we canoed up a long river and encountered hostile natives, hippos in heat, a shadow demon which had killed those ahead of us, a monkey king on a jungle throne guarding an ancient tomb and the cold-blooded killing of a threat to our survival. More natives, including a group dominated by a succubus, awaited us even before we made it to the walls of Tazion. Tazion held its own challenges; a tribe of monkey men refused us entry, snakes filled an ancient building we discovered as we exited tunnels under Tazion, we encountered several giant bees and a Serpentfolk wizard bent on killing us, and finally we dealt with the threat imposed by the monkey tribe.

Now, a new facet to this adventure waits ahead of us. Now we must enter Saventh-Yi and find the secrets that Yarzoth, the vile Serpentfolk priestess, coveted and make sure whatever nefarious plans she has are thwarted. My companions, Pol, Dadak, and I, along with the help of a reunited Chydak , are up to the task.

From the log of Kreshton Rel’Astra


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