Serpent's Skull in Eberron

The Black Pit

I have convinced the native human to seal us in. I piled the charred bodies against the doors. For better or worse, the conspirators are trapped in here with me. I am the Last Defender, and I intend to destroy the serpentfolk menace or perish in the attempt. If I fail, I hope at least to contain this pestilence beneath the ground.

They don’t realize how much I know. They are too strong to defeat outright. If I lead them quickly into the deep, perhaps I can put them on the back foot. There are malevolent forces ahead of us and behind. I can feel them losing focus on their scheme. Disarray is setting in as I march them with a quickened pace.

We cannot get out. A shadow moves in the dark. We cannot get out…. They are coming.


gdapkus MMM

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