Serpent's Skull in Eberron

That Pleases Me

Kreshton Rel'Astra, Discoverer of Saventh-Yi

Well, I felt useless today. There we were, exploring the ruins of a ziggurat, when from out of the darkness above us, what I can only call a dire bat attacked; it was much, much larger, though. Something caught my attention and I was able to throw my axe and hit it right between the eyes just as it began its swoop. But that was it. The thing pounced on Leif and grabbed him so quickly it was just a blur in the darkness. I had a chance or two to hit it before it tried to escape with Leif but I was unsuccessful. It was only through Leif’s fortitude, and quite a bit of the luck surrounding one who takes up the life of an adventurer, that Leif was able to withstand the savage beating he took. I still have the image in my head of Leif dangling in the bat’s maw while he furiously beat at it with his weapon. Dadak’s timely summons of a large eagle did quite a bit of good too!

No matter. This first section of Saventh-Yi that we’ve explored has more secrets to find. The whole city is quite large and I expect each section will have its own surprises. I will have many more chances for swordplay ahead of me. I have noticed a lack of ranged attack capabilities in our small group. I have several axes but as they get lost or damaged they are difficult to replace. Sure there’s the camp’s quartermaster, but he seems more intent in his gaining wealth from our sweat, blood, and tears. I see that we are also lacking in detecting and determining the properties of magical equipment which is the life blood of successful adventuring. I’ve taken action to remedy that, by purchasing a wand, but my abilities in such endeavors is just a bit better than Dadak’s. Well, at least the quartermaster will not be able to mislead us and say something is not magical or not and then give us a lower price in exchange.

That bat did a number on us, I swear I can still sense the sound of its wings beating through the air over the great lake that makes the center of Saventh-Yi. Either that or some dragon hunts the area. Ah, unlikely.

I am eager to continue not only to explore this one great city but for two other important reasons. First, somewhere in this city, I suspect is that priestess of Yderious we encountered in the temple beneath Smuggler’s Shiv. She must pay for what she has done and what evils she may yet bring to this world. Her trap of a serpentfolk wizard in Tazion was unsuccessful but the mere fact that she placed him there shows that she knows we’re on her trail. Second, I want my name prominently displayed to the whole world that Kreshton Rel’Astra was responsible for discovering Saventh-Yi after centuries of failed attempts. All of Khorvaire will know my name; that pleases me.


gdapkus BraulioB

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