Serpent's Skull in Eberron

Stranger Days

The humans that travel with me are acting particularly unusual lately. They indicate that they are willing to pursue the serpentfolk underground, but they intend to hide their endeavors from their leaders. I’m not sure what to make of it.

The witch decides to visit the spired monument in town that Iyum-Kreshton and I-Da-Dak had previously been avoiding. He flies over the walls and disappears from view. A short time later, he flies down and informs us that the walls surround a large tomb, presumably of Saventh. As fascinating as this discovery is, the others seem thoroughly unimpressed. What’s more, the witch tells them that they are under the effect of a powerful mind altering spell that is changing their perception of the world. Again, they seem unconcerned. I take note of this, but don’t act on it.

We continue to the village of the Radiant Muse and meetup with our guide. He takes us to the location where he saw the dumb human running. We projected her path and followed it back to a cliff. Up on the face, Iyum Kreshton spots an opening. Hopeful that this will lead us to Ilmuriya, we enter.

Upon entering, we find signs of habitation. Before we can even investigate, a clutch of Ketches attack us from the shadows. Their efforts are weak and ineffective. It looks like it’s going to be an easy battle of little consequence. Then, with riotous laughter, I-Da-Dak wades into the mix with Iyum Kreshton and myself, then spouts flame all around us and onto us. I am surprised by his sudden but inevitable betrayal. I should have known better; the clues were there all along. I wonder now just how deep I am in this conspiracy. And to think, I pollinated Iyum Kreshton!

c4fc71c3fdd0b01c82f9281eafe30575.jpgWith enemies all around, I whisper to the Last Defender. It responds: “Kill them. Kill them all!”


gdapkus MMM

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