Serpent's Skull in Eberron

Slip Sliding Away

Snakes.. why did it have to be snakes

Far, the 6th of Vult

After exploring all the tunnels underneath the city of Tazion, the group rests the rest of the day and prepares to climb up a shaft to a possible exit. Kreshton leads the way and discovers a small room filled with a mass of snakes, which leads into a larger chamber filled with even more snakes. Dadak determines that the snakes are harmless but warns other types may not be. Quickly the group discovers a single gigantic snake amongst the hissing horde. Dadak casts a spell to transform himself into a primal form of fire and moves forward to block the large snake from the rest of the party as they explore the building. The building has several windows that are obstructed by massive trees growing in the jungle. There are indeed several poisonous snakes but they are dealt with no problems. Pol finds a way to climb into a higher level, deftly avoiding the hazards around the opening to keep the large snake inside.

Pol and Ja’Redd explore the second level and find a way out into Tazion. Meanwhile, Dadak is successful in herding the large snake away from the party but they are in an impasse; Dadak’s companion, Kailia, does not want to enter the building because of her fear of snakes. Kreshton attempts to fascinate the snake with his bardic abilities but is unsuccessful. Kreshton, using the power of the Zenj Totem Tattoo, attempts to coax Kailia onto climbing onto his back so that he can take her out of there and is once again unsuccessful. A final attempt to fascinate Kailia to help her overcome her fear of the snake fails. Fed up, Kreshton begins to throw his axes at the large snake to kill it. The large snake takes advantage of the confusion of battle to slip away from the corner that Dadak held it in. Swiftly the snake slithers to the exit only to meet Pol and Ja’Redd who dispatch it easily.


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