Serpent's Skull in Eberron

Shines On Me Again

Heh! That was amazing. Everyone came together and did their part in fighting that fiendish, dire, flying ape monster, Dadak almost gave his LIFE! He definitely has what it is that heroes are made of. Twice that monstrosity only focused on him, raining down destruction in the form of bites and two claws, and battering Dadak to the ground, but Dadak survived. Leif, shield held over his head in protection, was actually able to overcome an attack with no consequences; amazing! With mighty swings, Leif held his own, and then some.

I, of course, had my moment. I called down the first attack onto myself by taunting the beast, “Come at me, you damned dirty ape!” and although I was not able to parry any attack on me, I was able to survive its first swoop. I knew I had to keep the beast busy so that Leif could drink some potions and enter the battle and so that Dadak could cast some last second needed buff spells. A quick thrust of my blade scarred the beast and I retreated to a more favorable position near to my allies. But the thing wasn’t done with me yet! It charged forward attempting to bulrush me but its growl of frustration indicated it was not as successful as it could have been. I moved forward, trying to attract its fury onto myself, and I counted on dipping and dodging under any attack. Although I was unsuccessful (and received a bad rent in my clothes) I was in a position to flank with the lions Dadak had summoned from those figurines we had found earlier. Once again, I sunk my blade into its tough hide but it towered above me and with its next swing of its mighty arms, it delivered an awesome blow that launched me ten feet into the air, over a small wall and at least twenty feet down the stairs of the ziggurat.

I missed part of the battle as I picked myself up and rushed back up the steep stairs. I stopped for a moment to heal myself with my wand one last time and then continued upward. As I reached the highest level of the ziggurat, where the battle was continuing without me, I was able to witness Dadak wade into reach of the beast wielding a gigantic axe. Then the punishment from the ape’s onslaught battered my friend to the ground. No! Leif strained against the monster as I sprang forward, within its reach, struck its flanks, and moved away. Another mighty stroke of Leif’s club seemed to stagger the fiendish monster and it retreated, attempting to fly away – I could not let this happen, allowing an enemy the chance to return later is unacceptable. With the last of my spell enhanced speed, I charged towards it, bound into the air with a mighty leap and skewered it with my outstretched blade. It was marvelous! The last time I attempted such a maneuver was on Smuggler’s Shiv when I leapt off a cliff and onto the back of the flying Chupa-cabra that had been menacing us there.

With the sickening sound of coconuts crashing to the ground, the monster fell and silence fell over Saventh-Yi. The crowds of ketches and apes that were rushing the ziggurat stumbled to a halt. Wisely, Leif dragged the fiend’s corpse and threw it over the edge in plain sight of them all. Leif let out a mighty roar and the mob, clearly intimidated, quickly fled into the forests and, I am sure, continued running to whatever safe hole they could find.

The district is most definitely ours. Swordplay and glorious battles won, we rule the day. I am content.


gdapkus BraulioB

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