Serpent's Skull in Eberron

Serpent's Bane

The Last Defender in his hands, Leif felt suffused with both humility and pride. He felt an immediate bond with the artifact. They shared a singularity of purpose, of time and place, and of being the last to survive and carry on the defense of the Azlanti empire.. Leif could sense the magics of the shield almost urging him on eager to be back at work after so long a slumber. Almost immediately Lief was overcome with not just a desite,, but an urgent need to drive the serpentfolk from the heart of Saventh-Yhi.

Dadak and Kreshton tried to convince Lief to move on, to move on with their explorations, telling him that the serpentfolk in the government district had been routed and were no longer a danger. for leif, though, routing was no longer enough. The serpent folk must be eradicated forever from the surface of the world. For some time Dadak and Kreshton aided him in his purpose, but Leif was relentless and eventually Dadak and hreshton succumbed to fatigue and were forced to take rest. Leif continued his hunt, glad to be free of the distraction of his party, for while they were worthy warriors, being relieved of their distraction gave Lief the peace he needed to focus on The Defender’s magic and learn more of what the shield and he could do.

When they had first come back to the island, It had not been hard to find serpentfolk. Some would come to challenge them at the sound of Lief’s whistle, other just didn’t run away fast enough, but once Dadak’s spells had run out and Kreshton grew weary of the chase, the few serpent folk they could see would flee before the party could get close enough to engage them, and leif felt strongly like many more unfound. He could almost feel their taint upon the city. Now as he focused upon that feeling, he realized that he could in fact sense their presence, and as he concentrated, gazing through the top of his shield, he could even discern the exact location of those that were nearby. He renewed his hunt quickly hunting down many that tried to hide from him. The only option left to the beleaguered was flight. Unfortunately for Lief, though the island was small, and hiding was no longer an option, some of the serpentfolk were able to elude him by simply running away.

Leif had been in pursuit of this last troop of serpent folk for the better part of the night. He felt certain that once he destroyed these last few he could rest easier knowing that Savnth’s heart was free from their corruption. Now, He’d tracked them down again. He did his best to come upon them quietly, to leave them no escape, but once again, he failed to catch them by surprise. As his rounded entered the doorway to their hiding place, they were already bolting toward another exit. In frustration Lief cried out, Cursing them in the name of Savith, and fet a surge of magic from the shield. To his surprise the band of serpentfolk stopped in their tracks and turned upon him attacking him ferociously. Lief set about the work of killing. These put up little more fight than the rest of their wretched kind, all but the last one, the largest of the group, were quickly dispatched.

Knowing the the end of this purge was at hand, Lief was eager to take down this last serpent. Even so, he was caught off guard when the snake man threw himself bodily upon Lief wrapping not just his arms and legs, ut his entire body around Lief, much as the arger of his limbless brethren might. For a few moments, the Serpent had the upper hand, pinning Liefes Arms and keeping him from bringing his weapon to bear as the serpent repeated bit into Leaf trying futilely to poison this Serpent’s bane. Unable to strike the serpent, Lief once again found his answer in the Defender. hunkering down close to the shield, he let the serpent try it’s best to squeeze him. Squeeze it did, but in doing so, it pressed itself aginst the razor sharp edges of Ydersius’ scale. Before long the enraged serpentfolk had done mortal damage to itself, and despite coming to its senses and trying to disengage, was able to do little more than collapse at Lief’s feet.


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