Serpent's Skull in Eberron

Return of the Azlanti?

A creature dressed in many colors and a druid made of deadwood, came to my watch tower today. The creature bore a resemblance to the Azlanti, and it spoke of a desire to kill a serpent creature. It has been a long time since I concerned myself with the war between the Azlanti and the serpentfolk. When the empire left, I thought the war was done with. Apparently, it has been raging in other parts of the world for all these countless seasons. This particular Azlanti appears dedicated to his cause, despite its’ lack of appropriate equipment. It seems the modern imperial soldier forgoes heavy armor and shield, in favor of flamboyant capes and blouses. The creatures name is Aiyumqreshtun. Sounds vaguely Azlanti…

As for the deadwood druid, I find myself struggling to commune with it. It gave me the sign of peltor, so I replied with the sign of venil. I waited for further response, but it just stared at me. I patiently waited, but the staring didn’t lead to mukagawa. I’ll try again later…


gdapkus MMM

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