Serpent's Skull in Eberron

A new day dawns and we strike out, into enemy territory. We encounter some inhabitants and they tell us a raiding party commonly passes near their area. I advise that we should setup an ambush to reduce the overall strength of enemy force. Everyone is agreed, and the plans are made. I-Da-Dak scouts the nearby area for enemy troop movement and returns with news of their home base. He also alerts us to smoke in the distance. Assuming that the smoke indicates the site of today’s raid, we position ourselves between that location and the raider base. Iyum Kreshton and I take up positions inside a building, adjacent to a road that leads to a bridge. It is the only river crossing in the area, so we feel confident the raiders intend to return this way. We lie in wait and hear the raiders approaching. Iyum Kreshton casts spells to improve his combat prowess. I-Da-Dak assists with additional spells to improve our martial abilities. The raiding party is just outside the building. We are ready to spring our trap. Iyum Kreshton is the first to act. He steps out in near silence, then flourishes his brilliantly coloured cape at the enemy, before skipping towards them. If I didn’t know him better, I would be shocked by his tactics. Alas, the ambush is a bust, so an ugly slog is all we have left. I wade forward into melee combat and hack down the enemy as fast as I can. They have a mage amongst them and Iyum Kreshton is committed to preventing his escape. His determination pays off. We cut down the enemy to a man.

Amongst their possessions are a quartet of slaves they captured from the Pathfinders Guild. We set them free, but offer them the opportunity to join us in our fight. One of them takes us up on that offer. The others flee, presumably returning to their camp.

Once again, we debate our next move. I suggest that we set up a second ambush since the enemy base will almost certainly send out a search party if their raiders are overdue. This will give us another opportunity to thin their ranks. The party agrees to my plan and we prepare. I-Da-Dak returns to the skies to scout for enemy movement. The Pathfinder practices his martial skills, repeating the combat maneuvers that I showed him. Iyum Kreshton loots the bodies of the fallen raiders. I hack those bodies into pieces and spread those pieces around to lure our future victims to their deaths.

After a few hours of preparation, I-Da-Dak returns to warn us of an advancing patrol. It is the search party I was hoping for. We stand ready. I-Da-Dak and the Pathfinder are stationed atop a building, while Iyum Kreshton and I are down on the ground, hidden amongst the detritus.

The battle gets off to a premature start when the Pathfinder fires a crossbow bolt wide of the targets. It has no effect, other than to alert them to our presence. Once again, the surprise is ruined and the battle devolves into another slog. One of the rescuers turns tail and runs. I don’t want us to expend a lot of resources to chase him because I am hopeful that I can convince the party to assault the enemy base next. Therefore, I leave the fleeing man’s fate in the hands of our Pathfinder. He takes a couple of potshots at him, but fails to land a killing blow. The man escapes and will certainly raise the alarm, but the enemy base would be equally alerted if the rescuers never returned. At least now, he might panic some of the enemy soldiers.


gdapkus MMM

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