Serpent's Skull in Eberron

On Disappointment

An unwelcome guest

While Iomedae has allowed me to bless this band with her healing light, I confess that I haven’t spent as much time learning the secrets of Saventh-Yi as I might have hoped. There are untold treasures here, and residents that know almost nothing of divinity. Yet we are continuously molested by roving bands of Serpent Folk (once like seeing a dream come to life, now so commonplace I wonder that I had ever thought them rare), giant insects, and other nuisances. True, my companions are particularly adept at dispatching them (under my healing hand, of course), but it still takes time away from learning about this land.

That is, until recently. We had cornered what we later determined to be a Rakshasa. It seemed to know its way around this area and made direct contact with our group. Clearly, it deemed itself superior. We tracked it to a large hall filled with serpentfolk and pitched our battle, there. As the tide turned in our favor, I began to have hope. We could capture this wizard (for that’s what I had initially assumed it to be) and learn from it. There were secrets to uncover and lost knowledge to unearth. But in the midst of the struggle, the foul fiend vanished and escaped past our band! What a waste!

Although we finished the Serpentfolk and, eventually, a sea creature, what did those victories bring us? Victory in itself is cheap and tawdry. It resembles too closely simple bloodlust. Only when it fulfills a larger goal is it worthwhile. And, with the escape of the Rakshasa, I’m afraid that goal was lost.

Nevertheless, I stand steadfast in the faith that we have greater days ahead of us than behind. But I will endeavor to avoid this bitter disappointment in the future. The invisibility of enemies will no longer be an issue. Of that I am sure.


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