Serpent's Skull in Eberron

New District, New Problems

What is that smell?

We seem to be getting nowhere in this new district of Saventh-Yi. All we have found are violent troglodytes roaming the city. There does seem to be some method to their actions; they are definitely separated into patrols or groups. Once we made it to their plaza, and fended off some very large mantis creatures (that kinda looked like giant spiders), we were surrounded by even more troglodytes. These kept their distance, or threw a javelin or two in our direction, and avoided challenging us further. Good for them, Leif had a look in his “eye” of disgust and Dadak looked at them in distain even more so. I can barely stand their smell and have gagged a few times I’ve been downwind from the troglodytes. I thought they smelled bad on the outside, but once we killed one, and their entrails spilled onto the ground, it was worse!

The large, tall columns were certainly carved up with pictograms and strange writing, but nothing seemed familiar. If Goland weren’t back at base camp recovering, I would expect that he would be excited at what we found. I could just image him forgetting the pains of his old bones in a rush to decipher everything. But, alas, we three ended up scratching our heads and decided to move on.

We’ve realized a while back that the ziggurats are the most important edifice of each district, so we made our way there. Sure enough, several larger troglodytes had stationed themselves there. These seemed even more hostile than the others, and it would take little to prompt me to challenge them. But, when we discovered that they held a prisoner, a young female human at that, I knew that there was no way I would not pull out my shining blade and rise to meet them in battle.

The battle was fierce. They rained down javelins upon us from their greater heights atop the ziggurats. They cast spells in our direction as well, in-between what I expect were spells to buff their martial prowess. In the confusion that we created, the bound woman was able to slip her bonds and make her way to cower behind Dadak’s massive frame. All I could see was a bruised and battered form wrapped in rags as she pitifully moaned and averted her eyes from the battle. Wrapped in several magical images of myself, I waded into the battle looking for the biggest threats and a way to flank their position. Leif seemed indecisive between his whistle (to draw even more foes onto us) or bashing his way against the line of troglodytes; once he put away his whistle, he was the wrecking machine he normally is. Dadak and Kylia did their best to protect the young ex-prisoner using spells and teeth.

I must admit, it was a tough battle, but, of course, we were triumphant. The troglodytes and the troglodyte clerics (my brief training in spellcraft came in handy identifying some of their spells) lay at our feet. But we found a new secret of Saventh-Yi in the person of the battered woman. The poor thing continued to cower as we tried to succor her and deal with the many wounds she had. Gallantly, I whisked off my Sleeves of Many Garments, reverting to my regular jeweled doublet from the glamored plum I had been wearing, and clothed her in flowing yellow robes. She stepped back with fear in her eyes, but accepted a bit of healing from a wand. The whole ordeal must have been quite traumatic; she would not answer questions and only responded with whimpers and a blank look.

Mayhap, some time surrounded by a bit of civilization will help begin some healing. We all decided, even though it was somewhat early in the day, to return back to our camp with her. Goland was still recovering, so Captain Lewin tasked another camp member to the woman’s care. This “person”, a teifling male, seemed competent and friendly but had little news about his brief examination of the addled woman. She seemed to have lost her mind, and a lesser restoration spell seemed to do no good in changing her state; some spell more powerful may do the trick. He did notice that the woman had a tattoo on her which looked like a Pathfinder symbol. I suspect that since we are in good standing with the Pathfinders after I returned the journal we found when we first entered Saventh-Yi, that if we returned to their camp, with this woman in tow, it could solidify an alliance between us. They may have some spell services that we lack and be able to release the woman from whatever has bound her mind in its endless circle of fear.

I need a bath to get this troglodyte smell off me. Probably several.


gdapkus BraulioB

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