Serpent's Skull in Eberron

Mighty Company I Keep

Dadak's Tales

Mighty Company I keep

By the gods I have only dreamt of evil such as this. A creature of shadow and darkness spilled out from last night’s dream; and it came to kill. It nearly finished me off. Could Pol be right? Could my dream actually have been a vision? Is father seeking to kill me? Did I alert the evil that killed him by having the dream? It could be. After all, the demon was in the guise of an ape, an animal he knows well. Curses. This must not be true. Perhaps the dark one will send another.

These are dark thoughts indeed, but a wise one must heed them. My magic was next to useless against the demon. If not for Kreshton and Pol I would be dead. Finished. And possibly possessed by a demon myself. If I don’t find a way to become useful again, Pol and Kreshton may be overcome and may not be able to protect me. Listen to this. Me. An Orc. A mighty orc even. Looking for protection. Not so mighty it seems. I suppose I have discovered some limits. And I suppose this is why I travel in such mighty company.


gdapkus BraulioB

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