Serpent's Skull in Eberron

I Need to Step Up My Game

Far, the 6th of Vult

Remarkable that it has only been a little over five months since we were all shipwrecked on Smuggler’s Shiv. We were just novices back then, just a group of inexperienced castaways hoping to survive. Then this Serpentfolk conspiracy was dropped on our laps. Ileana/notIleana or Yarzoth, or whatever her damn name is, seems hell bent on finding her way into Saventh-Yhi. What nefarious reasons she has, I’m still not completely sure of. But for what she did to us, especially what she did to the Jenevere and her crew, has gained her us as her enemies. It seems like she wants to bring her kind back into Eberron to reconquer it. Their time has passed, this is our time!

More and more, I’ve become impressed with my group’s martial prowess. Pol’s competence in battle has improved remarkably. His enemies have great reason to fear him. He is becoming a great force for his cause. Even Dadak, with that huge great axe of his, seems to be able to handle himself well in battle. I am confident that we will find his father somewhere ahead of us and free him from the chains that Dadak’s nightmares have shown him in. With the addition of N’Ketchi and his magics, we make a good team. Ja’Redd has kept himself apart from us too much to be included and I’m beginning to wonder his motives. Joffa did recruit him, and where Joffa has run off to, no one knows.

We took more time dealing with those snakes than I wanted to. Kailia, who has until now been such a boon to the group, has let us down some. There was no way she was entering that room with its multitudes of snakes, not to mention, that one large one. I guess if I was worried that I could be eaten whole, I would have hesitated myself. Dadak took some time trying to corral that thing, but in the end, blades are what mattered. A few axes, and Pol’s glowing blades, were enough to dispatch it. Now, I just need to convince everyone that the next temple we visit in Tazion is the one to the north; the one whose passage underground was blocked by rubble. Where else are we to go in our quest to find the Pillars of Light that Yarzoth was searching for? We’ll have explored all the ruins Dadak saw on his flight above Tazion a couple of days ago.

I am eager to come against some flesh and blood foes, and let me prowess with a blade shine. That water elemental was tough to fight with just a sword. The snakes were a threat but also a nuisance. Undead are no fun either; not to mention that they are undead and frightening in their own right! I’d even welcome some serpentman opponents, Yarzoth can’t be the only one about.

—From the log of Kreshton Rel’Astra


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