Serpent's Skull in Eberron

Hey, Is Statue Or Me

Far, the 6th of Vult

After the battle with the queen bee, N’Ketchi does what healing he can. Most of the group is uninjured so they continue to explore the building. They enter into a room that Kreshton had previously glanced into. At the end of two stairways along the side of the rectangular room, is a lower section. On the wall of this section are four statues of great age. Kreshton moves in to examine them and his will is easily overcome by a suddenly floating statue that begins to attack him. Pol rushes in to protect the unmoving Kreshton and is also rendered immobile and staring into space by a second statue. The other two statues begin to float around the room as N’Ketchi calls down lightning upon them with no effect. Unaware of the lightning’s ineffectual damage, Dadak calls down lightning as well. Ja’Redd keeps one of the statues busy by allowing it to slam into him again and again. With a roar, at her master’s request, Kailia pounces on one of the statues. A short time later, Kreshton stirs and enters the fray, quickly followed by Pol. Together they smash the remaining statues to rubble. As soon as all four statues crumble, everyone’s sight is filled with the vision of four pillars and the knowledge of how to use them. Their use requires four different stones: moonstone, diamond, onyx, and amethyst.

The group decides to end the day and barricade the doors. One door is left open for a watchman to see into the rest of the building while the rest get what sleep they can so that when morning comes, spells and abilities are refreshed.


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