Serpent's Skull in Eberron

Final Blows

Sul, the 8th of Vult

While recuperating from the fight against the serpentfolk wizard, the group makes plans for what to do next. They are interrupted by several monkey-men who stealthily arrive to take away the body. Hidden, and in silence, the group watches them slink off with the corpse towards the center of Tazion and possibly their lair. Now certain that the monkey-men and their leader were in cahoots with the serpentfolk wizard and that they most likely hold the last clues to making the Pillars of Light function, the group decides to move and confront them on the new day.

The group finds a large derelict stone building, almost a castle, partially, consumed by the jungle. They find a broken wall to climb and Kreshton leads the way. Kreshton waits for everyone to climb over safely before continuing on into the ruins. Barely twenty feet away from the group, everyone hears the sounds of movement and they hide. A couple monkey-men come into sight and Kreshton, disregarding any plans the group made, charges forward. One monkey-man tries to climb some rubble while another climbs a tree to begin lobbing rocks at the invaders. Pol is the only one who, above the sounds of battle, hears the voice of several people calling for help and he relays that information to Kreshton.

Kreshton moves forward and leaps across a tar pit onto a small island that is connected to a crumbled building by ramshackle wooden bridges. He confronts a monkey-man at the threshold and is assisted in defeating it by a well-timed spell cast by Dadak. Meanwhile, the rest of the group does short work of the remaining monkey-men; Dadak and Kailia fighting the monkey-man in the tree while Pol and N’Ketchi take on the one in the rubble. The group forces their way into the building to find three people, covered in tar, hanging from the ceiling. After dealing with the last two foes, the group lowers the bodies to the ground and does their best to revive and clean them without further harming them. Pol recognizes one of the prisoners as a Pathfinder that kept company with Gelik in Stormreach and Eleder. The second small prisoner looks remarkably like the lost Chydak. Dadak is let down that the third prisoner looks nothing like Joffa, even in its tarred state. Attempts at getting them to talk are unsuccessful.

Eager to be off, Kreshton, N’Ketchi and Dadak reconnoiter the southern part of the ruins but find nothing but more tar pits and crumbling ruins. They double back and continue northward and skirt around some more rubble. While ducking under the trunk of a huge elephant statue, Kreshton encounters two new monkey-men in front of him. A third, larger, monkey-man steps out of a building above them joined by a large snake. The leader speaks and yells, “Attack!” Kreshton takes on the two monkey-men in the choke point of rubble and statue, but is badly beaten; he feels the lead monkey-man’s will trying to overcome his, but surprisingly fends off the magical attack, and retreats. N’Ketchi, drawing on the awesome power of Gozrah, summons a spiritual trident to attack the huge snake. Dadak launches a lance of ice at the leader but misses; he summons a wolf to get the attention of the snake. Kreshton vanishes from sight, but can be heard healing himself with his wand as Pol arrives in the battle. The lead monkey appears on the back of the elephant statue and darkness surrounds everyone as he channels negative energy. Kreshton reappears to chase the monkey leader into the tree and is joined by Dadak; they do battle within the branches and Dadak is rendered unconscious from a particularly strong blow. N’Ketchi races forward and channels positive energy to revive everyone. The monkey leader climbs higher into the tree to escape his foes, but is finally overcome and dies, falling down to the ground in a tangle of arms and legs. Pol deals the killing blow to the snake. The battle is over.


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