Serpent's Skull in Eberron

Faith Healing

Welcome, Goland, the self-healing cleric.

Mol, the 1st of Zarantyr
Goland joined the party as the party studyied the Spear of Wrath and discivered the existence of Ilmurea, a serpentfolk city, deep beneath Saventh-Yhi.
Zol, 2nd of Zarantyr
The party investigated the Memorial to Saventh’s Defenders and managed to trap and interrogate a charau-ka about the serpentfolk corpses in the parade grround.
Wir, 3rd of Zarantyr
The party studied the Savenjth’s defender memorial briefly making no significant headway in determining how it might be related to the silver coffer or the vault in the city treasury..
The group then crossed the northern bridge into the island district in the center of Saventh-Yhi. They were ambushed by 4 Serpentfolk, but quickly overcame the guards.

Camp Notes:
3 Discoveries Made (9 Total):

  • The serpentfolk city of Ilmurea lies deep beneath Saventh-Yhi, Saventh-Yhi was built to seal and protect the path to the underworld.
  • When the Spear of Wealth is activated it will allow people in the district to better appraise and identify items.
  • More info about the Meercantile District:
    • Once Saventh-Yhi’s mercantile district, this area was devoted to the virtue of wealth—not only to the process of making money, but the process of spreading riches to others. The city treasury was located here, along with numerous guild headquarters and an expansive marketplace along the lakeshore. The ‘bank’ that the party found was actually the City Treasury. Though the treasury was completely looted on most levels, researchers believe that the vault at the bpottom level of may still contain something of great value.


  • The Hoyuse Tarkanan Camp is plagued with ants.
  • A hobgoblin visited the camp looking for Kreshton and Dadak.
  • Men become better fighters just by spending time in the military district.

3 Charau-ka Thugs – 3600 XP
4 Dire Apes – 3200 XP
4 Degenerate Serpentfolk – 4800XP
Discovery (The existence of Ilmurea beneath Saventh-Yhi) – 400XP

12000 XP/4 = 3000 XP each (Dadak, Kreshton, Leif, Goland)

Dadak – 84915/105000 XP
Level 9

Kreshton – 81792/105000 XP
Level 9
Leif – 81733/105000 XP
Level 9
Goland – 78000/105000 XP
Level 9
Chydak – 35000/51000 XP
Level 7

Military District

  • From Charau-ka Thugs:
    • 2x potion of cure moderate wound
    • 3x (masterwork studded leather, masterwork darkwood light wooden shield, masterwork darkwood club, masterwork throwing axes)


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