Serpent's Skull in Eberron

Enough Is Enough, Woman!

This is just ridiculous.

Now, I know she’s up to something, but I can’t seem to prove it to my friends. I tried to catch her in a lie by calling her Zakayya (the succubus), but she didn’t even flinch. Her response was too perfect but I have only my gut to go with her; still, she did sound sincere.

I also tried to leave and watch from cover as she communed with nature alongside Leif in his normal state and Dadak wildshaped into a tree. They just stood there in the clearing outside her home drinking in the sun, or something. It was boring. I paced back and forth to pass the time and to avoid any vegipigmies from sneaking up on me. Every time I looked back up there, I could see her shape mocking me.

Eventually, Leif and Dadak came to find me and we returned to camp. Kasada Lewin was interested but it was obvious that she was leaving the mystery in our hands. One bit of news that Kasada did tell us was that Goland had left camp earlier to try and catch up with us, along with a couple of guards as escort (that was wise). A bit of fumbling about (hey, I’m a city boy, I know little about tracking) but finally Dadak found a possible trail along the shoreline belonging to Goland. We followed the tracks and found one of the guards, dead and hidden in some bushes. How they were ambushed, I have not a clue, but I instantly suspected our new green friend.

It took some fast talking, and a bit of lies, to get Leif and Dadak to return to her abode. I tried to overstate that she may be in danger all the while secretly knowing that she was the culprit. Time to break into her home and do a more thorough search of it, not a “tour” like the one she gave us, all the while looking over our shoulders. She must have Goland prisoner there and I intend to rescue him from his peril. It is much too perilous.

—From the log of Kreshton Rel’Astra


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