Serpent's Skull in Eberron

Dysfunctional Friends

I have a headache and want to throw up. I have to write with one eye on the page and another on the night as I sit guard over Nkechi. I don’t really know how this night came to be, but somehow Dadak has claimed a blood feud with Nkechi, whatever that means. All I know is that Dadak has tried seriously to kill him.

There is no reasoning with the Orc, he is acting out of his mind. Come to think of it we cannot rule out some sort of possession. This makes all the more sense since he wishes our only cleric dead. If so, then what? I have already shown myself to be a poor leader, lacking that Insubstantial quality that leaders have which makes them stand above. It’s not learned or picked up, it just is-part of who you are. You have it or not, I don’t.

They look to me to step into Jaffa’s steps but I cannot. I am inadequate. I don’t know if or how this group will make it through to Tazion, much less back again. I do not know what to do; I feel responsible for where this has gone and what may happen to us. How do I cope with the outcome of a friend slaying a friend on my watch? I hear thunder in the distance and smell a storm on the air, we will have to push through it; push and look for warmth and solace on the other side.


gdapkus gdapkus

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