Serpent's Skull in Eberron

Draining Day

Sar, the 7th of Vult

In the early morning, Kreshton leads the group in exploring the stone structure. He leads them into a dank, water-filled room and they are attacked by thousands of leeches. After spending some time scraping them off, they venture to the other side of the building. They find a partially collapsed stairway and begin climbing it. Dadak’s companion, Kailia is attacked by a plant-creature and the whole group descends to fight it. Kreshton succumbs to the spores and is wracked by terrible coughing and gagging; his constitution is affected. The day is still early so the group decides to continue on, even though Kreshton is severely weakened. They continue up the stairs and find….

More monkey-men! Their foe begin to throw rocks and stones at the group and as the group rushes forward up the outside of the ziggurat, a large six-limbed ape joins the fray. Dadak trades blows with the beast as Pol and Kreshton rush to assist him. Kreshton and Pol fight against their mighty foe and with a spell from Dadak pummel the creature quickly. More monkey-men arrive to surround the group and Pol is critically injured. Suddenly, above them, they hear a sibilant hiss and a serpentfolk appears looking down at them. It shakes a wand at them and Kreshton, N’Ketchi, Dadak and Kailia are entangled. Clinging to the side of the ziggurat, Kreshton casts a spell and turns invisible, then continues to climb up onto the higher level. Pol runs around the outside of the structure trying to find a way to the higher level but only encounters two monkey-men trying to outflank the group. Dadak and N’Ketchi struggle to escape the web and are attacked by monkey-men coming down the stairs. The serpentfolk wizard creates a ball of flame that rolls down igniting the web on fire on its way towards a paralyzed Ja’Redd. Kreshton reaches the top and moves silently through the group of monkey-men and serpentfolk peering over the edge, intent on the battle below. Kreshton lines himself up and with a mighty push, bulrushes the serpentfolk wizard off the side of the ziggurat, leaving himself exposed to two monkey-men and their attacks. While Kreshton fends the monkey-men off, Dadak and N’Ketchi join together and Dadak causes a large gush of wind to carry them up to the higher level. The angry serpentfolk rushes up the stairs and casts a ray that makes Kreshton almost fall to his knees. Pol, having run all the way around the outside of the ziggurat, follows closely behind the serpentfolk.

Pol throws his mind-blade at the wizard as N’Ketchi casts a cure spell and revives Kreshton. Dadak calls out for this companion Kailia to join the battle. Warding himself from two monkey-men attacks, Kreshton reaches into his Handy Haversack and throws a Tanglefoot bag at the angry serpentfolk wizard. Unable to move, it casts a spell at N’Ketchi in an attempt to keep him out of the battle; N’Ketchi is suddenly overcome by a fit of laughing that passes in an instant. Pol once again summons his blade and throws it at the wizard. Both N’Ketchi and Dadak call lightning down on the wizard’s head but it protects itself with a spell. A severely wounded Kreshton continues to attack the last two monkey-men and pulls his wand out of his haversack to toss to N’Ketchi. Kailia rips the throat out of one of the monkey-men while Dadak changes tactics to fry the last. With his allies all dead, the serpentfolk wizard casts a mirror image spell and summons seven figments to protect himself. The group surrounds the serpent folk and pummels him until he tries to retreat from the battle. He is barred from the stairs by N’Ketchi sprouting wicked spikes and brambles. With a loud roar, Kailia jumps onto him and rides him over the edge to land upon him on the lower level. The serpentfolk wizard dies.

The group spends the rest of the day exploring the ziggurat and find that the serpent folk’s possessions include three of the four stones they need to make the Pillars of Light work. The Pillars of Light will show them the location of Saventh-Yhi. Kreshton speculates that they must be somewhere else and perhaps the monkey-men leader may possess them. Their lair is the only location in Tazion they have not searched. Several rooms of the ziggurat are themed to the various stars and elements of nature, including the sun and moon. They recover Ja’Redd’s burnt corpse with mixed emotions for the fellow, and there is nothing that they can do for him except go through his pockets looking for loose change.


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